The Epic Games Store is coming to iOS and Android by the end of 2024

A very big news comes up on the 4th day of the 2024 Game Developers Conference (GDC). During the State of Unreal event at GDC 2024, Epic Games announced that the Epic Games Store is coming to iOS and Android by the end of 2024. The announcement came from Steve Allison, the Epic Games Store General Manager. No specific date was confirmed regarding when the store will be live on these platforms.

The Epic Games Store will feature a fair and open distribution in the developer’s revenue share

This will be a complete game-focused multiplatform store and will work across Android, iOS, PC, and Mac, anchored by the player’s Epic account. So, the store will serve everything in one place under the same roof. The potential of this will be huge as players can just go multidimensional by this store, backing them in each title they’re into irrespective of the device they hold.

Revenue share by Epic Games for the developers
Image via GDC 2024

Apart from this, Epic will also release new mobile-specific self-publishing tools. The fees will follow similar terms for EGS on mobile devices as developers will get 88% of the total revenue while in the App Store and Google Play Store, it is 70%. Developers benefit more here as the in-app purchases using gamers’ payment service provider will lead to a 100% return in revenue for all the transactions.

The fight with Apple and Google continues and Epic will keep fighting

The long battle of Epic against Apple and Google will now take a new turn as the store will solely manage its IPs. Pointing to the Play Store and the App Store, Steve said that the company has “tirelessly been fighting” the gatekeepers of the mobile platform to allow for a more fair, and open distribution. As the battle is not over yet, the next phase will just begin as the Epic Games Store will come to the mobile platforms.

An agitated situation has been going on for Epic against Apple since the start of 2024, rooted back long before. In January, the popular battle royale title Fortnite was confirmed to return on iOS in Europe through the Epic Games Store. Later in the first week of March, the comeback went off track as Apple terminated Epic Games Developer Account. While the situation was often heating, the latest announcement from Epic Games comes in hot.

As the audience of Epic Games continues to grow, the need for an independent application to manage the players’ accounts was never this important. Epic has over 270M+ PC accounts with monthly active users of 75M+ who spent over $950M. It will be interesting to watch the aftermath of the release of the Epic Games Store on Android and iOS.

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