The Enchanted World, Noodlecake’s captivating puzzle experience gets a launch for Android and iOS

The Enchanted World is a captivating puzzle title that has received an official launch for Android and iOS platforms. The game is an offering from Noodlecake, which has brought some amazing mobile experiences such as Alto’s Adventure, Alto’s Odyssey, and Art of Rally to name a few.

The Enchanted World presents a beautiful world with low-poly graphics

The Enchanted World is an engaging tile-sliding puzzle-adventure game that set in a magical world threatened by dark forces. We join a brave fairy on a quest to bring harmony back to this broken world. We get to explore the most beautiful environments, solve complex puzzles, and discover interesting characters along the way.

The Enchanted World gameplay
Image via Noodlecake

From the snippets themselves, I could see that the experience would be vivid, as we can glide through beautiful forests, alongside mysterious meadows, desolate deserts, shadowy caverns, magical marshes, a forsaken factory, and a surreal futuristic landscape. This game has striking low-poly graphics with compelling animations, which makes the experience even better.

The developers have confirmed more than 30 challenging handcrafted tile sliding puzzles integrated into nine unique realms, and hence I see the replayability factor coming into play. The story unfolds in gorgeous visuals and music with saturated audio effects that has an original soundtrack that further enhances the experience.

If you ask me, given Noodlecake’s track record, this is a game you need to play. Although you can download The Enchanted World for free following its launch on Android and iOS, you can unlock the full game with just a single in-app purchase if you get hooked, so a win-win situation!

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