The Duchess of Sussex Meghan Markle has been slammed over her treatment of Prince Harry

Meghan Markle’s ‘love-bombing’ of Prince Harry is ‘part of her rebrand’ to launch a career in the UK, a royal expert has claimed.

The duchess lauded Prince Harry as a “hands-on dad” last night during a speech in Texas – as the Duke watched from the front row, according to The Sun.

During the discussion, Meghan – praised as a “driving force for positive change” – said much of her work focuses on giving equal opportunities to disadvantaged women.

She showered Harry in praise as she spoke at the SXSW Conference for International Women’s Day alongside a star-studded panel – saying she was “fortunate” to have such an “incredible partner” in Harry who supports her activism.

But royal expert Angela Levin was not convinced by her speech after the news that Meghan has reportedly hired a UK-based public relations executive to fix her image problem.

She said: “These new PR people are telling her: ‘You’ve got to be positive. You’ve got to be lovey-dovey’.”

“’You’ve got to be upbeat and bring him in’.”

“It’s all so phony. I don’t think any of us should believe it. It’s all for show and part of her rebrand.”

Speaking about Harry the mum-of-two explained: “My husband is such a hands-on dad and such a supporter of me and our family.

“In don’t take that for granted. That is a real blessing. A lot of people don’t have that same level of support.”

The Duke of Sussex, cheering his wife on, enjoyed a romantic evening with Meghan at ultra-exclusive Soho House in Austin on Thursday.

Markus Anderson, the Soho House boss considered the “second most important man in Meghan’s life”, sat alongside Harry at the event.

In a wide-ranging discussion, Meghan said it was “incomprehensible” for girls from disadvantaged backgrounds and minorities to imagine what success is like.

She said this issue is not helped by how “disturbing” social media trolling of women, specifically by other women, can be.

The Duchess said online “conspiracy theories” about women were particularly toxic.

Meghan explained: “I cannot make sense of that.”

“If you’re reading something terrible, terrible about a woman, why are you sharing it with your friends?”

“Why are you choosing to put that out in the world? What if it was your friend, your mum, your daughter?”

She added: “There are lots of women at the highest executive level who are great champions of women, great philanthropists, and they are working in these spaces.”

“And yet they are allowing these behaviours to run rampant.”

“And at a certain point, they have got to put the do’s behind the say’s, and really make some changes on a systemic level.”

Royal fans were quick to praise Meghan on social media.

One said: “This woman is amazing. Most people would break under these circumstances.”

Another wrote: “Meghan = beauty, class, compassion, intelligence, love and a pure sense of service. Shine on duchess Meghan.”

This article has been reproduced with permission from The Sun.

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