Texas woman has nine sons, desperately wants a little girl

A mum who describes herself as the “worlds most fertile woman” is about to give birth to a set of twins, bringing her hefty brood up to 11.

Yalencia Rosario, 31, shared the news of her pregnancy via a video posted to her TikTok channel, @that_rosario_life.

The mum, from Texas, often uses the account to share insights into what life is like in her large family.

Her videos are very popular with TikTok users and she has racked up 246,000 followers on the video sharing platform, The Sun reported.

Yalencia currently has nine boys, and after her upcoming birth she will have 10 boys, and her first daughter.

The excited mum captioned a recent video with the statement: “I still can’t believe I’m having twins.

“I’ll be holding my first babygirl in 7 weeks.”

In the video, the mum can be seen beaming proudly, while holding and stroking her pregnant belly.

Yalencia previously told Fabulous that she believes she’s the most fertile woman in the world.

She said: “I must be the world’s most fertile woman.

“People tell me I get pregnant just by looking at my husband.”

Many of Yalencia’s large following are waiting excitedly for updates on the twins, however, the mum has had to deal with her fair share of trolls.

She said: “People say I’m selfish and irresponsible, I’m overpopulating the earth and I’m living off the government, but I don’t care.

“I decided to have a big family and I love them all, I have no regrets.”

Yalencia, who runs a tax preparation business, and husband Michael, who runs a delivery business always had their heart set of having 10 children, but now that they’re going to have 11, more tots aren’t off the cards in the future.

The mum previously said: “We won’t stop if we have a girl”.

A house full of hungry mouths comes with a hefty price tag, and Yalencia previously revealed how much her family spends on the weekly shop.

She said: ““We spend about $8,000 a month on food, bills and essentials to take care of the kids.

“The weekly groceries cost $800 and we’ll get through nine loaves of bread in seven days.”

In the video announcing her pregnancy, Yalencia described the pregnancy symptoms she had for the twins.

These included, extreme fatigue, extreme appetite and feeling sick very early on.

TikToker’s raced to the video’s comments section to congratulate Yalencia on her upcoming birth.

One user said: “Congrats! You have a beautiful family!”

Another user added: “Congratulations. You’re about to have 11 children like I have. My oldest is 37 and my youngest is 17.”

This story originally appeared on The Sun and reproduced with permission

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