Tears of Themis Mystery of Bakerlon limited-time event will be launched this October 2023

HoYoverse revealed that it will be launching a new limited-time event series for its romance detective title, Tears of Themis, titled Mystery of Bakerlon, on October 10, 2023. The pieces on the chessboard have been meticulously arranged, and each step forward unfolds like a precisely choreographed dance. As the train journeys through the mist, the melody gradually fades away. Within the misty surroundings and amidst the pouring rain, destiny continues to intertwine a narrative of truth and deceit.

Unravel the haunting Mystery of Bakerlon in Tears of Themis

In the world of Tears of Themis, the primary narrative unfolds within the fictional urban landscape of Stellis. Here, players embark on their legal careers as novice attorneys, engaging in investigations and debates to resolve various cases and challenges.

As the concealed layers of darkness gradually come to light, a malevolent force emerges, posing a threat to justice and order. The NXX Investigation Team, consisting of four distinct individuals, plays a pivotal role in offering unwavering support and assistance throughout this journey, fostering bonds built on mutual trust and close collaboration.

Tears of Themis Mystery of Bakerlon event
Image via HoYoverse

This time around, the tale unfolds in a romantic and atmospheric city exuding a vintage charm. To commemorate the launch of the opulent Mobius luxury train, the affluent Kahn family, who owns the train, hosts a grand embarkation ceremony. Distinguished merchants receive invitations to this lavish event, as do the NXX team members. As night descends, a hazy “shadow” materializes within the depths of the train’s darkness, emitting eerie, soulful wails.

The Event Shadow of Themis, featuring the four male protagonists, will be accessible for a restricted duration. Additionally, there will be an elevated chance of obtaining the event-exclusive SSR cards during this period.

Embark on the ‘Mystery of Bakerlon’ journey and obtain exclusive rewards

Starting on October 10, 2023, the “Mystery of Bakerlon” Main Story tasks will be rolled out gradually. Players can engage in the event and successfully complete these tasks to earn exclusive rewards like the event-limited Badge, R cards, and various other prizes. Additionally, alongside the Main Story tasks, participants can access the “Crystal Research” tasks. To successfully complete these assignments, it’s essential to pay attention to key characters and closely monitor the situations within the train carriages.

Players will have the opportunity to acquire Bakerlon Crystals and Commemorative Etiquette Tickets during the event. These items can then be exchanged for the event-limited Invitation Endless Train, Tears of Themis – Limited, and various other valuable rewards.

Furthermore, as players enjoy the breathtaking scenery and indulge in delectable cuisine during their journey, they can also engage in the Leisurely Trip limited-time tasks to secure Tears of Themis – Limited and other materials to level up their characters.

In addition to the captivating events and intriguing narratives, a limited-time discount will be available for the “Misty” themed outfits and backgrounds in the Mall. This provides players with the opportunity to experience a romantic encounter in the misty city, immersing themselves in a bygone era. Furthermore, players can obtain exciting event gifts, such as the Luke SSR Invincible for Love and a limited Namecard, Shadow Embossed – Invincible.

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