Taylor Swift’s Australian Eras Tour causes demand for cowboy boots, The Iconic data reveals

Taylor Swift’s arrival in Australia has had a remarkable effect on our spending habits – convincing us all we need cowboy boots with immediate effect.

Swifties have been snapping up the unorthodox footwear choice in record numbers, simultaneously leaving women everywhere with identical outfits during the singer’s show nights.

The distinct shoe style – which originated in the American West – has long caused divide, with some claiming the cowboy boot is “ugly” as others argue it’s a wardrobe “must-have”.

But for Swift, the all-American boot makes up part of the singer’s most memorable fashion moments.

Whatever side of the debate you fall, it has done nothing to stop the stampede for the shoes, with Australian e-tailer The Iconic revealing there has been a 219 per cent YoY increase in cowboy boots on the site since December.

And the reason for such high demand? Swift’s Australian Eras Tour, of course.

“I think we can definitely attribute the increase in demand for cowboy boots to the Swifties, especially considering a cowboy boot is essential to the look for her upcoming Era’s Tour,” the fashion brand’s head of style, Nicole Adolphe, told news.com.au.

“Sequins have also spiked in sales and we’re seeing the two trends merge.

“Combining cowboy boots and sparkles makes an outfit show worthy. We expect to see many sequins and sparkles at the Eras Tour.”

Ms Adolphe’s insights on shopping habits caused by the Eras Tour are supported by countless videos shared by concertgoers showing off their Swift-inspired outfits.

Celebrity fitness coach, Tiffiny Hall, is among those who have chosen to rock a pair of cowboy boots for the lengthy 3.5 hour gig.

Hall took to social media recently to ask for help choosing what dress she should wear along with her white, knee-highs, which are adorned with silver hearts.

She’s not the only one, with TikTok filled with women revealing they’re wearing the boots, in an array of colours and sparkles.

Videos showing hordes of women entering Swift’s concerts in the US all wearing cowboy boots first began popping up in early 2023 as the singer toured her home country.

One clip describes seeing the trend as “sea of cowboy boots”.

“I looked like every other Swiftie,” one concertgoer shared.

“Literally died, we all looked the same,” someone else mused.

But there were many who embraced rocking the same shoes, with one declaring: “Wouldn’t have it any other way.”

“I loved that we all wore cowboy boots,” another agreed.

Ms Adolphe said the shoe is so popular, the shopping platform only has a few styles left in stock.

“Our best selling cowboy boots are the Spurr cowboy boots, they are so popular there’s only a few left,” she explained.

“Next in line are the Ravella boots, the pink colour is a must for a Swifties fan in her Lovers era, or if you’re more of a Fearless girl, the gold is perfect.

“We even have an option for the Reputation or Midnights era with our black Taylor cowboy boots.”

Thankfully, she predicts the trendy boot will be in style for months to come, meaning those who have bought a pair will get more than one wear from them.

“We’ve seen them popping up in fashion week streetwear paired with mini skirts and they continue to be a festival favourite,” she said.

“If you opt for a neutral coloured boot over a coloured one you’ll get more longevity.”

The fashion guru also shared her style tips for those who want to wear the boots long after The Eras Tour has ended.

“Try pairing the boots with skirts such as a satin midi skirt, a denim midi skirt or even a pair of jorts or a cute mini dress,” she said.

“Cowboy boots always work with boho styles and denim styles but to get an edgier fashion look, style them with this season’s mini wrap skirts.

“With the cooler months approaching you can also pair them with a coat and sheer tights. “Some other ideas might be a white shirt dress with the boots, a crop with a midi skirt and boots or an over-size jacket with tights.”

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