Sydney woman warns against moving to London

An Australian woman has lifted the lid on the brutal reality of what it’s like to move to London, revealing she is $17,000 in the red with minimal job prospects, not to mention bleak dating options and terrible weather.

Amelia, originally from Sydney, has been burning through her savings and, despite applying for more than 350 marketing jobs, has repeatedly been knocked back.

The 28-year-old revealed in a recent video that she got so desperate she picked up a hospitality job, where she has been doing 11-hour shifts with a 20-minute unpaid break for minimum wage.

She has urged anyone considering the same move to think again, warning that while London seemed an attractive option because of its geographical location, healthcare and speaking the same language, it had been unreasonably difficult to get established.

Amelia revealed she had spent a whopping $17,300 in the three months she has been in London.

The Millennial was now contemplating returning to Australia, complaining in a message to her family that she couldn’t “stay here and do slave labour”.

To add insult to injury, her first date in London cancelled on her last minute.

“If you’re thinking of moving to London, just don’t,” she captioned the TikTok she uploaded on Tuesday.

In the video, she showed poll results after asking whether she should “just go back to Sydney where I will get a job in like 0.2 seconds and have 10 boyfriends at the drop of a hat”.

Oddly enough, 82 per cent voted for her to “stay in London and be a penniless beggar”, while 18 per cent encouraged her to “go home”.

Along with a few rejection emails she received from job applications, she displayed an inbox with the name “job apps” that 355 emails in it, proving how dedicated she had been to finding work.

She also showed messages she sent saying she had a good week because she only cried once, and had been for two more marketing interviews but was yet to hear back.

Another screenshot was a weather report showing the temperature was just one degree and the sun didn’t rise until 7.38am.

A rescheduling attempt from her would-be date was also shared.

“Logistically I need to get home [and] shower etc, by the time I’m ready/at the station it’ll be like 8pm – shall we just do Tuesday? x,” their message read, with Amelia responding: “oh OK sure no worries then”.

She sarcastically wrote “no probs” in text over the exchange.

Amelia spelled out why many Aussies felt London was a great option, saying it was relatively easy to get a visa, the language was the same, and there was reciprocal healthcare.

Additionally, she said it was “very much the epicentre of Europe”, meaning it was easy to travel to idyllic holiday destinations in a short amount of time.

“You could just take a train from here and go to Paris for the weekend or you could hop on a flight and be in Spain in two hours.

“I think the size of the city and the perceived opportunity here … in addition to your unlimited options for travelling, make it a really enticing place to want to come and live,” she said. “I mean, we don’t move here for the weather.”

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