Sydney news: couple get parking fine while giving birth in hospital

A young couple have spoken of their shock at receiving a parking fine while giving birth.

Greg Mullins and Carly Earl were slapped with a $120 fine for exceeding the parking time limit by just 12 minutes after driving to a Sydney hospital for the birth of their daughter Hazel.

The Marrickville couple contested the fine, thinking they had a reasonable excuse but weeks later they were shocked to find the fine would not be cancelled.

“We figured it was laughable. We thought there was absolutely no way that a contested fine around someone going through labour was ever going to be rejected,” Carly told 9News.

“We acknowledge your comments that your wife had been in labour and you had been unable to leave to pay for additional parking, however we are unable to cancel the fine,” Revenue NSW told the couple in a letter.

The couple were left stunned by the letter.

“There is no person on the face of the planet who could imagine their partner excusing themselves to go and move their car during that situation,” Carly said.

She said about the time the fine was issued she was either in the late stages of labour or would have been giving birth.

Revenue NSW subsequently left the couple a voicemail apologising before revoking the fine, but allegedly only after the story gained media attention.

NCA NewsWire has contacted the NSW Department of Customer Service for further comment.

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