Sydney massage parlour slammed for sexual sign: Mosman

A massage parlour in a well heeled Sydney suburb has sparked a debate online for a sign displayed outside explaining its services were “non-sexual”.

An image of the sign was posted to a local Mosman Facebook group, with the anonymous local questioning its “appropriateness.”

“This sign outside a massage shop on main road in Mosman is disturbing,” the anonymous poster wrote.

“Kids at eye view can see it – if you must state this just put the sign inside. Gross,” they wrote.

Outside the entrance to the venue, below the massage parlours contact details, a large sign reading “non-sexual” in capital letters can be seen.

This has become the topic of debate online, with the author of the post not receiving the reaction they were hoping for.

“Kids see more on social media today. Don’t think a sign that states “Non Sexual” is a problem,” one person wrote.

“I feel like what’s not appropriate is to name and shame a small business on social media for a sign that isn’t going to traumatise a young child in reality,” agreed another.

“They put it in the mildest way possible.”

A third wrote: “Would you prefer the opposite? I’m not sure what the issue is?”

While another chimed in: “I think the really disturbing fact is that they feel the need to put the sign up at all. What the hell are the clientele asking for?”

Sex work is legal in New South Wales, Northern Territory and Victoria, with brothels often disguising their services as erotic massage premises

Confusions often arise, as brothels sometimes offer similar services to massage parlours.

The problem has become so widespread that Massage and Myotherapy Australia has recently called on the Queensland Government to ensure “decriminalisation protects the rights and safety of massage therapists and the community”.

Massage and Myotherapy Australia CEO Ann Davey said: ‘The proposed decriminalisation of sex work in Queensland must include measures to ensure sex work cannot be misrepresented as a massage service if the many serious consequences for massage therapists are to be addressed.”

“We stress that we are not questioning the legitimacy or morality of sex work,” she said.

“We are simply stating that qualified professional massage therapists are not sex workers, and that the confusion between the two must be addressed alongside decriminalisation of sex work.”

A massage therapist has told Cairns Post the proliferation of brothels masquerading as “massage centres” has made her job more dangerous.

“We get phone calls constantly asking, everyday – do you do extra? Durunrat Chansopha, massage therapist from Cairns explained.

“It’s because of all these massage parlours offering sexy massages,” she told Cairns Post.

“I lock my door in the day so men can’t just walk right in and ask for it.”

According to a Pulse Survey from 2022 conducted by Massage and Myotherapy Australia, which has over 8600 members, some professional massage therapists experience daily sexual harassment from clients in their workplace.

Fifty six per cent of respondents said they were subject to sexual harassment from customers, while 74 per cent indicated they must actively take steps to protect themselves and staff from sexual harassment.

Brothels are currently banned in Tasmania, Western Australia and South Australia. has contacted the massage parlour for comment.

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