Survival, a new action title gets an official launch on Android

Zombie Hunter: Survival is a new action title, brought to you by Blue Cartoon Games. The game, Zombie Hunter: Survival has now received an official launch and will be made available for players on Android via Google Play.

Zombie Hunter: Survival aims to provide an action-packed survival experience filled with guns and zombies

The game, Zombie Hunter: Survival is a new survival title that takes the players on a journey through a wasteland filled with zombies and survived by just a bunch of survivors scattered across the wasteland. The game offers an environment that forces the players to group together and form a union as they fight off the zombies and aim for survival, the sole aim of the game is survival which can only be achieved via proper resource management and group efforts.

Zombie Hunter: Survival official launch, Zombie Hunter: Survival
Image via Blue Cartoon Games

Zombie Hunter: Survival offers a vast open-world environment that is full of secret locations, zombie hives, and vantage points that can be used for temporary settlements. The game offers players the opportunity to explore different locations and environments and uncover hidden secrets and treasures. There are different guns and equipment that the players can play around with and have their loadout all customized according to their needs and desires.

There are different characters to choose from as well, each character has different strengths and weaknesses which makes the character selection even more interesting. Not just this, each character has different costumes as well making them have their own unique appearance in the game.

Hunt and gun down zombies roaming in the dark alleys

Zombies in the game come with unique abilities as well, as there are multiple types of zombies players can encounter in the game. Zombies are constantly mutating, from ordinary walking dead to mutated monsters, they are becoming stronger and more dangerous.

Zombie Hunter: Survival official launch, Zombie Hunter: Survival
Image via Blue Cartoon Games

The game as stated before is now available as an official launch on Android. Interested players can access the game via Google Play, there is no information regarding the release on iOS, so stay tuned for updates.

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