Super Legion Master brings its first update with PvP, live event mode, and more

The developers responsible for Merge War: Super Legion Master are thrilled to unveil their first in-game update. Merge War: Super Legion Master, a mobile game that fuses elements of strategy, action, and roguelike challenges, lets players summon champions, combine and enhance units, create a well-rounded deck comprising both offensive and defensive monster cards, and construct a formidable army for triumphing over monsters and super dragons in battles.

Merge War: Super Legion Master unleashes its first major game update for 1M+ players

The team responsible for Merge War: Super Legion Master has just unveiled its initial game update to its burgeoning player community, which boasts over one million members. Building upon the game’s initial launch in January 2023, these represent the primary substantial in-game modifications for players.

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They encompass the introduction of a fresh gaming environment, the inclusion of additional benefits for avatars and avatar frames, an enhanced user interface, corrections for glitches and enhancements in performance, as well as the incorporation of a Live Event Mode. This mode introduces a new hero to players every month. Moreover, players now have the ability to utilize their legions in order to partake in the game’s innovative multiplayer PvP mode, engaging in fierce battles against other merge masters within the arena.

Conquer monster legions and super dragons in Merge War: Super Legion Master

In the offline auto-chess game called Merge War, players can become masters of merging to craft the most formidable army capable of conquering hordes of monsters and super dragons. As skilled merge tacticians, individuals must devise thoughtful strategies to construct a well-balanced deck comprising both offensive and defensive monster cards.

Merge War offers an exhilarating fusion of auto chess, strategy, and action, making it an appealing choice for those seeking the thrill of hunting for rare cards like Dragons and Slimes through level completion and chest openings to enhance their legion.

Thanks to its unique merging mechanics, Merge War serves as an ideal gaming option for both casual players and strategy experts, and the fact that it can be played offline allows users to enjoy Merge War at any time and from any location.

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