Summer Camp Melbourne kicks off with epic fashion

The rain couldn’t hold back the glitzy, glamorous, liberated fashion at one of Australia’s hottest LGBTQI+ festivals.

Melbourne’s Summer Camp Festival, held at the St Kilda Marina on Saturday, revealed a rainbow spectacle of pinks, sparkly dresses and plenty of flesh.

The festival website says the camp counsellors are “DJs, the leaders are in drag and a little bit of sparkle is part of the uniform” and the proud people who rocked up didn’t disappoint.

Lou and Bree arrived with striking leopard print themes, while Michelle arrived with a pep in her step and a stunning tight sparkly dress.

Azaezal and Elliott came in stark black with leather belts and zips.

Bright pink was perhaps the central theme of the day, with several patrons sporting happy, pinky looks, including Brady with a stunning, pink cowboy hat and a pink, purple and yellow tennis jacket to match.

Amber and Robyn, meanwhile, sported short dresses and pink tops, their arms around each other and bright smiles on both.

Cleo Taurus looked entirely glamorous, with a majestic puff of luscious purple hair and intricate glam makeup shading her eyes and forehead.

Jude and Josh brought a remarkable look, with Jude in tight, fluorescent jogging pants and headband and Josh in a sparkly singlet, earings dangling and tight bike pants.

The festival kicked off at 2pm to cloudy, rainy weather, with the temperature pegged at a chill 15 degrees.

But the fashion flare and musical acts brought some heat to the day.

Jessie Ware, Trixie Mattel, Brooke Candy, DJ Gay Dad and Disco Daddies were all scheduled to perform.

Summer Camp will also hold a festival in Sydney on Sunday.

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