Studio Lights announces Mononoke no Kuni, a fantasy ARPG for Mobile, PC, and Consoles

Mononoke no Kuni, brought to you by Studio Lights is a new fantasy Isekai action RPG, which has been announced for a release on various platforms. The game, Mononoke no Kuni will be released on Android, iOS, PlayStation, Nintendo Switch, and PC as per the announcement.

Mononoke no Kuni will aim to deliver an immersive adventurous experience in the Mononoke universe

Mononoke no Kuni will take the players on a rollercoaster of an adventure where players will get a chance to experience a rogue-like 3D open-world environment, filled with interactive elements in the form of NPCs and other activities spread all across the map. The game will offer multiple activities for the players to test their mettle against, from fishing in a calm lake to fighting and crushing monsters in dark dungeons.

The freedom of choice is granted to the players as they can explore the storyline and game at their own pace. The story revolves around the main characters as they try to return to their original world from the land of Mononoke, which is infested with monsters and enemies trying to overtake the peace and calm of the world and replace it with chaos and mayhem. Players will be tasked with the responsibility of activating and guarding the Omiwa Shrine in a bid to maintain order in the Mononoke universe.

Mononoke no Kuni Isekai action RPG, Mononoke no Kuni
Image via Studio Lights

Players would be accompanied by their adorable puppy as a companion throughout their adventures. The game would be a great fit for players interested in games offering unique artistic expression, story analysis, and a Japanese-styled fantasy. It would be interesting to see if cross-play will be featured. As of now, the game is playable at Tokyo Game Show 2023, which will run until September 24 at Makuhari Messe in Chiba, Japan.

The game, Mononoke no Kuni is Scheduled to be released on Steam in the spring of 2024, and on other platforms including Android and iOS, it will be released on a future date, not disclosed by the developers as of now. Interested players can keep up with the game via the official website to stay aware of the release dates for Android and iOS.

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