Star Rail x KFC collab in China brings themed exclusive merch for players

HoYoverse has recently announced its partnership with KFC and is launching a collaboration event in China for the turn-based mobile RPG Honkai: Star Rail. Fans can expect exciting surprises, including meal sets and co-branded theme stores, as announced on Honkai Star Rail’s official Weibo post. Fans of Honkai: Star Rail are eagerly anticipating this collaboration.

Although the exact details are still under wraps, the fact that KFC has previously partnered with HoYoverse for Genshin Impact has generated excitement among Chinese fans. This partnership is especially thrilling for the substantial player base in China experiencing an iconic collaboration once again.

The collaboration brings the theme of Honkai: Star Rail to all the KFC outlets in China

Fans have shown great enthusiasm and appreciation for a playful video advertisement promoting the collaboration. This video showcases gameplay featuring the characters Clara and Svarog from Honkai: Star Rail.

Beginning September 22, players can visit selected KFC outlets with an Honkai: Star Rail theme. These locations will provide players with special gifts and in-game rewards as part of the collaboration. This collaboration is an exciting real-world element to the partnership, enabling fans to experience the vibe and theme of Honkai: Star Rail in the real world.

The ad has captured fans’ hearts due to its creativity and lively presentation, adding even more excitement and anticipation for the upcoming partnership between Honkai: Star Rail and KFC. Additionally, there is no known information regarding the ending date of the Collaboration.

Players can expect themed menu items and exclusive merch from the collab

Drawing inspiration from the previous Genshin Impact and KFC partnership, fans can make educated guesses about what the Honkai: Star Rail and KFC collaboration might entail. One potential feature could be the introduction of themed menu items, similar to the Genshin Impact collaboration.

Fans may look forward to special dishes named after Honkai: Star Rail characters or elements from the game. Players can expect the following items during the collaboration:

  • Themed Menu Items
  • Limited-Edition Collectible Keychains
  • Exclusive Posters
  • Branded Apparel
  • Acrylic Character Stands
  • Badges
Honkai Star Rail KFC Merch
Image via HoYoverse

Furthermore, fans can anticipate the release of limited-edition merchandise, a common aspect of past collaborations. These items might showcase crossover designs blending elements from Honkai: Star Rail and KFC, allowing fans to display their enthusiasm for both franchises. Collectibles like keychains, posters, or apparel could become available, offering fans a way to express their love for Honkai: Star Rail and KFC.

Final Thoughts

The initiation of the KFC collaboration with Honkai: Star Rail in China marks an exciting beginning, and it holds the potential to pave the way for similar collaborations with other restaurants and in other countries. This successful partnership demonstrates the appeal and marketability of combining popular gaming franchises with food chains.

It may encourage other gaming studios and eateries to explore similar ventures. As such, fans worldwide can look forward to the possibility of more unique and enjoyable collaborations on the horizon.

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