Star Rail Reveals 44 New Achievements for the version 1.4 update

The upcoming version 1.4 update in Honkai Star Rail, titled “Jolted Awake From a Winter Dream,” has players eagerly anticipating new areas, quests, characters, and events. In addition to these exciting additions, achievements will also be introduced, allowing players to earn valuable rewards, specifically free Stellar Jades.

To unlock these achievements, players need to fulfill various in-game requirements and conditions. Achievements have always played a significant role in HoYoverse games, and many players strive to complete as many as possible. These achievements not only boost player progress but also showcase their dedication and skills.

Honkai Star Rail’s new achievements for version 1.4

It’s been revealed that there will be 44 new achievements in Honkai: Star Rail for version 1.4. These achievements mainly revolve around the fresh content introduced in the update, with a strong focus on the Aetherium Wars Event and the Yanqing Boss.

Honkai Star Rail 1.4 banners
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They’re closely tied to specific criteria related to the new characters featured in the version 1.4 banner. Furthermore, these achievements are linked to the upcoming events and quests in version 1.4.

Achievement How to Obtain Stellar Jades
Sunny Deeds Beget Rainy Needs Help Jarilo-VI and Belobog solve their enormous crisis (again)
※ Complete Trailblaze Continuance “Future Market”
Into Hall of Fame Earn the Champion title in the Aetherium Wars: Interastral Tournament Festival 5
King of the Snowy Hill End the fateful battle at Everwinter Hill in the Aetherium Wars 5
Bent but Unbroken Complete the Companion Mission “Clouds Leave No Trace” 5
Gotta Catch ‘Em All Obtain all Aether Spirits in the Aetherium Wars 5
Aetherium Wars Master Achieve the highest Victory Rating level in the Aetherium Wars 5
Hyperlink Casual Champion Defeat all rivals in the Aetherium Wars: Hyperlink Match 5
Frigid Gust Badge Overcome all obstacles in the Corridor of Fading Echoes Victory Zone in Aetherium Wars 5
Mark of Alloy Overcome all obstacles in the Cloudford Victory Zone in the Aetherium Wars 5
Mark of Intellect Overcome all obstacles in the Herta Space Station Victory Zone in the Aetherium Wars 10
Mark of Facade Overcome all obstacles in the Great Mine Victory Zone in the Aetherium Wars 5
We Are the Champion? Win in one Exhibition Match in the Aetherium Wars 5
Mouth of Loquacity Listen to Mini Xiyan’s show 5
One-Two Punchline Listen to Mini Back’n and Forth’s show
Legs Are Just for Show Anyway Develop an outrageous plan for the Engine of Creation 5
Rise, Engine of Creation! Develop a reliable plan for the Engine of Creation 5
Does This Game Not Have Version Updates? Obtain all Aether Expansion Chips 10
North Wind Creates Heroes Defeat Gepard behind the gate in Winter Soldiers’ March – Difficulty III 5
Victory, and Then Comes Farewell Return {TEXTJOIN#54} and interact with it 5
The End, and Then Comes the Beginning Keep {TEXTJOIN#54} and interact with it 5
The First Step of the Future Stay updated on the development progress of Belobog. ※ Purchase Miners Weekly Issue 226 5
Inorganic Wisdom Fruit Obtain the readable item, Screwllum’s Message 5
Journey to the Arctic Bear Cub Interact warmly with the arctic bear cub 5
Thank You, Pela Help Fedora complete her bet 5
Steel and Toys Deliver the waste from the creation project to Benjamin 5
Steel and Street Lamps Interact warmly with the Arctic bear cub 5
With the Colossus As Witness Salvage your tongue stuck on the frozen railing 5
Don’t Try This At Home Be taught a lesson (again) due to breaking the vessel 5
First Things First Gain a fanatical fan 5
Confession of the Mask Investigate the Memory Bubble of unknown origin 5
Gela-Trash Obtain Trash from a frozen trash can 5
Wardance: Spear Trial Use ally Dan Heng to deal the final blow in a victory against Yanqing 5
Wardance…? Use ally Yanqing to deal the final blow in a victory against Yanqing 5
Wardance: Heartsteel Trial Use ally Jingliu to deal the final blow in a victory against Yanqing 5
Of Four People, The Price… Use Jingliu to reduce any ally’s HP to 1 in a single battle 5
So… So Square Feed Trotter in large quantities
※ Use the “{TEXTJOIN#54}” Chat Box to send a large amount of text content
War in the Boudoir Use ally Numby to defeat a Trotter 5
Absolute Zero Use Jingliu and interact with the Rating Pistol 5
Trust the Process Purchase 1 Unclaimed Parcels from Maozhen in Cloudford 5
All Is Well Produce a “Weal” result for the first time in the divination shop 5
It’s Always Darkest Before the Dawn Produce a “Woe” result for the first time in the divination shop 5
The Vermillion Bird Brings Swift Fortune Produce a “Slack” result for the first time in the divination shop 5
Noble Persons Impart Wise Council Produce a “Doze” result for the first time in the divination shop 5
Wooden Dummy: Star Rail Complete 3 battles using the Automatic Wooden Dummy 5

In Honkai Star Rail version 1.4, there are some achievements with hidden descriptions that seem to be related to the upcoming Belobog area. This new map is expected to provide players with a fresh and immersive experience, including new foes, challenging bosses, and opportunities to delve deeper into the game’s backstory.

As players explore this area, they may encounter new gameplay mechanics and puzzles. To unlock these undisclosed achievements, players will need to complete specific objectives and quests within the version 1.4 update.

Additionally, version 1.4 is anticipated to bring limited-time events, especially the anticipated Aetherium Wars Event, offering unique challenges and activities for players to enjoy. These events are likely to be tied to parts of the main quests, encouraging players to actively participate in time-limited content and earn rewards for their successful completion.

Final Thoughts

The introduction of 44 new achievements in Honkai Star Rail’s version 1.4 update is another challenge and excitement to the game. These achievements not only motivate players to engage with the new content and features in version 1.4 but also encourage them to delve deeper into the Honkai Star Rail universe.

These achievements are connected to the main quest and the new area, providing players with rewards as they expand their understanding and exploration of the game’s world. Actively pursuing and completing these achievements allows players to experience progression, earn valuable rewards, and showcase their dedication and skill in the upcoming Honkai Star Rail update.

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