Star Rail Hanya Abilities and Gameplay Leaks

Exciting news for Honkai: Star Rail players as another character is on the horizon. A trustworthy source has revealed the arrival of Hanya, a stunning 4-star Harmony Path character with the Physical-type element. While fans and leakers anxiously await her official release, this Honkai: Star Rail Hanya abilities and gameplay leaks, give us a glimpse of her role in a team and her unique playstyle. It’s a sneak peek into what she brings to the game and her potential impact as a character.

Who is Hanya in Honkai: Star Rail

Hanya serves as one of the judges on the Ten-Lords Commission, responsible for the task of interrogation among the four-judge duties, which include detention, imprisonment, punishment, and interrogation.

Honkai Star Rail Hanya
Image via HoYoverse

Her expertise lies in deciphering the karma and sins of wrongdoers, meticulously documenting their offenses and corresponding penalties using the Oracle Brush.

Hanya Abilities

Hanya is the first Physical type element with the Harmony Path in Honkai: Star Rail, she introduces another unique playstyle to the game. Her skills center around the application of [Burden] and enhancing ally damage. As an interrogation specialist, her role is distinct, and her abilities set her apart from other characters.

Her potential synergy with other team members lies in her [Burden] debuff, which can increase ally damage. This synergy can be crucial in team compositions where maximizing damage output is essential. Hanya’s abilities offer intriguing strategic possibilities that players can explore to gain an advantage in battles and navigate the evolving meta of Honkai: Star Rail.

Basic Attack

Hanya’s basic attack deals Physical damage equal to a percentage of her Attack.


Inflicts damage equal to a percentage of Hanya’s ATK on a single target and applies [Burden]. [Burden] activates three times after skill point recovery and lasts for a certain number of turns.


Increases an ally’s Speed by a percentage of Hanya’s Speed and their ATK by a percentage of Hanya’s ATK. This effect remains active for several rounds and restores 1 skill point.


When an ally attacks a target afflicted with [Burden], their damage increases by a certain percentage.

Honkai Star Rail Hanya leaks
Image via HoYoverse

Additionally, there’s a base chance of skill point recovery when attacking a target with [Burden].


Launches an immediate attack on an enemy and places [Burden] on a random target upon entering battle.

Final Thoughts

Hanya’s introduction as the first Physical type element in Honkai: Star Rail brings a fresh dynamic to the game’s meta. With her unique skills, including the ability to apply buffs and boost ally damage, she presents an intriguing addition to the roster of Harmony characters.

However, her effectiveness in the current meta against strong Harmony characters like Tingyun and Bronya will ultimately depend on how players leverage her skills and synergize her abilities with their team compositions. Hanya’s potential to enhance ally damage and her distinctive skill set make her a character to watch out for as she enters the Honkai: Star Rail universe.

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