Star Rail Argenti Abilities and Gameplay Leaks

Fresh information about Honkai: Star Rail’s upcoming characters have surfaced, stoking excitement among players. Trustworthy sources have verified the imminent arrival of Argenti, a much-anticipated 5-star character from the Erudition Path, affiliated with the Physical element. While players and leak-watchers eagerly await his official debut, this Honkai: Star Rail Argenti Abilities and Gameplay Leaks will delve into his skill set and team dynamics, offering insights into his unique playstyle and future potential as a character.

Who is Argenti in Honkai: Star Rail

Argenti is a valiant knight from the Knights of Beauty who passionately upholds their noble ideals. He roams the cosmos alone, firmly dedicated to the Path of Beauty.

Honkai Star Rail Argenti
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Argenti’s primary duty is to maintain the honor of Beauty, which requires him to approach battles with sincerity and ensure that his opponents willingly yield when faced with his spear.

Argenti’s Abilities

Argenti’s gameplay centers around being a formidable AoE DPS character. With his Skill and Ultimate ability to deal Physical damage to all enemies, he excels at unleashing powerful attacks that hit multiple targets simultaneously. His unique talent, Neutral Grey, grants him Energy restoration and Crit Rate bonuses as he engages in combat, allowing for sustained damage output.

Furthermore, Argenti’s stunning Gaze of Beauty technique adds crowd control utility to his kit, making him a versatile choice for both damage and control in battles. Players can anticipate exciting gameplay moments as Argenti combines his Energy management, AoE damage, and crowd control to dominate the field while adhering to the Path of Erudition.

Basic Attack

Argenti’s basic attack deals Physical damage to a target enemy based on a percentage of his Attack.


Argenti deals Physical damage to all enemies, with the damage scaling based on his Attack.


Argenti consumes Energy to unleash an attack that deals Physical damage to all enemies, and he can choose to consume either 100% or 200% of the Energy cap. The latter option increases the damage output and delivers six additional attacks to random enemies.


With each hit on enemies using normal attacks, Skills, or Ultimate Skills, Argenti restores 5 Energy and gains a stack of ‘Self-Cultivation.’ These stacks increase his Crit Rate by a certain percentage, and they can accumulate up to 10 times.

Honkai Star Rail Argenti Leaks
Image via HoYoverse


Argenti’s technique stuns enemies in a designated area for 8 seconds. When engaging with a stunned enemy, he restores 5 Energy and inflicts Physical damage on all enemies, dependent on his Attack.

Final Thoughts

Argenti’s arrival has the potential to truly shake things up for Erudition Path characters. This path has often been considered somewhat underpowered compared to others, but with Argenti’s remarkable abilities as an AoE DPS and crowd controller, there’s newfound versatility and damage potential at play.

His knack for restoring Energy, boosting Crit Rate, and delivering devastating AoE damage is a good addition to the path’s capabilities. As Argenti steps onto the scene, it feels like a breath of fresh air, injecting renewed excitement into the Erudition Path and the game as a whole.

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