Soul Knight Prequel Season System: Introduction, Features, and more

ChillyRoom’s action RPG Soul Knight Prequel is bringing some new additions to its content and gameplay with the Season System. This will be a regular update for your game and will be a new experience being added to the title. So, let us look at what this system brings on a monthly basis starting from a new season.

Soul Knight Prequel Season System Overview

In Soul Knight Prequel, they’ve added a Season System to keep things fresh and exciting. Every season brings new content, gameplay, and events. Even if you stick with the class you played before, each season’s experience will feel different. They’ve also made improvements based on feedback from previous seasons to ensure a better monster-slaying adventure.

Soul Knight Prequel Season Chart
Image via ChillyRoom

In each season, there are collectible items for all you collectors out there. So, keep an eye out for those. When you start the game, you’ll find information about the Season System on the character creation screen. The featured gameplay mechanics once the current season ends will continue to be playable, but this might change as you progress to different seasons.

Soul Knight Prequel Season System Features

Now, let’s discuss the new concepts and features introduced with the Season System.


There are seasonal characters and permanent characters. Season-based equipment and permanent equipment are also part of the deal. To keep it simple, think of “permanent characters” as characters that always stick around, and “permanent equipment” as gear that lasts beyond just one season.

Soul Knight Prequel Season System
Image via ChillyRoom

In terms of seasonal content, seasonal characters enjoy the privilege of experiencing all facets of the current season. In contrast, permanent characters can only access a portion of the current season during its active phase. However, once the season concludes, permanent characters gain access to the complete content of the concluded season.

Characters created in previous seasons won’t be wiped when a new season starts and the equipment and items acquired in those seasons will remain without a reset. Instead, at the beginning of each season, four new character slots are added for players to create fresh characters.

Special Items

Special items like Valkyrie Plume, Hephaestite, Lydite, and Card Collection obtained in previous seasons undergo consolidation at the end of each season. For example, one Valkyrie Plume transforms into one Permanent Plume, categorized under Permanent Plume.


Players have the flexibility to share storage space between seasonal and permanent characters, enabling the transfer of season-based equipment through the Storage feature. The differences exist between seasonal and permanent characters.

Soul Knight Prequel Season System
Image via ChillyRoom

Permanent characters seamlessly wear both permanent and season-based equipment. Seasonal characters, however, face a limitation when donning non-season-based equipment, experiencing a halving of the base stats. Nonetheless, modifiers and Fatebound effects remain unchanged.

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