Soul Knight Prequel, ChillyRoom’s pixel ARPG is expected to launch on December 31, 2023

Soul Knight Prequel, an exciting pixel art action RPG developed by ChillyRoom, is anticipated to launch on December 31, 2023. This game will be part of the Soul Knight series of games, which will serve as a prequel to the first title of the same name.

Soul Knight Prequel will aim to replicate the success of the previous title

If you didn’t know, the sequel, Soul Knight, is a highly successful shooter game title that has surpassed over 50 million downloads on the Android platform alone. It has garnered positive reviews for its incredibly smooth and enjoyable gameplay, which is skillfully blended with rogue-like elements, making it a popular choice among gamers.

Soul Knight Prequel
Image via ChillyRoom

Soul Knight Prequel will aim to deliver the same experience as the previous title while replicating its success as well. The game entered its first beta test in 2022, almost a year after its announcement. Speaking of the premise, the game is set before the events of Soul Knight, where it follows heroes forming a knighthood to save the epic land of Mystraea from impending doom.

The game will maintain the beloved chibi-style characters from Soul Knight while adding new lore and quests. You can get to choose to start with classes like Thief, Archer, or Witch, each with unique skills, and unlock Hybrid Classes as you level up, allowing for limitless playstyles. Along with Season Mode, you can also enjoy LAN and online multiplayer modes for co-op adventures with friends.

As mentioned earlier, Soul Knight Prequel is expected to launch on December 31, 2023, according to the iOS Store listing, with the official confirmation yet to come. The game is available for iOS pre-registration on the App Store.

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