Sonia, 58, reveals truth about her face

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Could Australian Gold Logie award-winning Sonia Kruger be ageing backwards?

The 58-year-old Big Brother host looks like a woman half her age. Now, she has shared the five beauty secrets that are behind her age-defying glow.

And they’re shockingly simple and affordable – not one product costs over $80 – so we can all follow her lead.

Giving a run-down of her three go-to beauty products in an interview with checkout, Sonia said the one she always turns to to liven up the look of her skin is freezeframe’s 48 hour Wrinkle Freeze Ice Roller Mask, $69.

“That’s the gel that I love to put on my skin when it gets tired and needs a little pick-me-up,” she said.

Sonia Kruger’s top beauty tricks

Next up, Three Warriors Face Tan Aqua Mist, $34.95, which is an ultra-fine tanning mist that’s said to give the face a natural-looking tan in three hours.

“It gives me a bit of a glow when I need it,” said Sonia, sharing that she also uses the product to ensure the tone of her skin matches all over.

“It cleans (my look up) a lot. My body is a different colour to my face. I like to match that up,” she shared.

Another staple in Sonia’s beauty regime is cult product Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask, $31.

Acknowledging that the mask (which is said to moisturise and hydrate lips while you sleep and is currently all over TikTok) is enjoying quite the moment she said of it “Everyone’s obsessed aren’t they?”

Aside from beauty products, Sonia said her youthfulness also comes down to two other skin non-negotiables – eye cream and sunscreen.

“I’ve actually been given a lot of beauty advice over the years but one thing that stuck with me, even today, was ‘you’re never too young to start using eye cream,’” she said.

Sonia credits her makeup artist Simone Forte, who she has worked with for years for that golden nugget.

And the one thing Sonia never leaves the house without? Sunscreen.

The star said she makes sure she always applies it and avoids the sun as much as possible, which is one piece of advice we can all easily follow.

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