Sofia Richie Grainge fans lose it at home gym in Peloton workout video

Sofia Richie Grainge fans are losing it over a “wild” detail in the star’s recent workout video.

The youngest daughter of singing icon Lionel Richie shared a “day-in-the-life” video on social media, showing how she likes to workout at home using her trusty Peloton Tread.

But eagle-eyed viewers were taken with another detail in the short promotional clip for the cult fitness brand: her incredible gym.

The recently-married star showed fans a “solo workout”, which involves taking a guided running class on the hi-tech $4445 device, inside a gym that could rival one of the bougie private clubs in any city.

“I’m going to do a 20 minute run,” she said, revealing she had opted for a class with Peloton instructor Jess Sims, noting she “adores” her workouts.

After her run, the 26-year-old pulled out a yoga mat to take part in a core workout, accessed using the $59.99 a month membership fee, which gives users full access to the fitness app.

After her workout, Sofia – who only joined TikTok in April when she married British businessman Eliott Grainge – could be seen enjoying a glass of water in her figure-hugging activewear, giving a glimpse inside her rarely seen $46m LA mansion.

“Oh my god that’s your HOME GYM,” one user was quick to note.

“That gym is goals!! GORGEOUS,” another commended.

As one simply said: “If this was my home gym I’d never leave and would actually wanna workout.”

In the short clip, which has been viewed almost 26 million times, Sofia reveals her stylish fitness space – which includes bottles of Evian water, piles of fluffy, clean towels and an array of different pieces of workout equipment.

Many fellow Peloton members were quick to ask for the star’s username with the hopes they could log into a workout at the same time as her – while others said Sofia had inspired them to try the cult workout.

“You’re adorable! I have to try Peloton,” one stated.

“I’m going to get one of these one day,” another vowed.

While one pleaded: “Please can you drop your username so we can sweat with you.”

Others commented on Sofia’s choice in footwear, a stylish pair of Hoka trainers, as some lamented they’d never be able to afford to workout like the star.

“I’m too poor to watch this,” one joked.

“I would cry if we worked out together,” another added.

Many simply declared they were “obsessed” with Sofia and her Peloton collaboration, stating she “barely cracked a sweat” despite a hefty workout.

“You’re not even sweating,” one pointed out.

“That workout is wild, well done,” someone else mused.

It comes after Peloton announced it was partnering with Lululemon to create the best in athletic apparel for its more than 20 million members and guest users.

In the US and Canada, the five year partnership also means Lululemon Studio All-Access Members will have access to thousands of Peloton classes without any additional charge.

While most Aussies don’t have a gym that even remotely resembles Sofia’s home set-up, Peloton does offers free private workouts at their Sydney showrooms.

Hidden behind closed doors of both Peloton’s Martin Place and Westfield Bondi Junction stores is a premium fitness experience that includes access to a private trial room for a sweaty workout.

The room comes complete with dumbbells, resistance bands and exercise mats, but best of all, post-workout, you have access to deluxe bathrooms and changing areas fitted out to the max with amenities including a Dyson hair dryer, Grown Alchemist shampoo and conditioner, as well as deodorant, face wipes, hairspray and headbands.

Peloton launched in Australia in 2021, initially launching its popular bike, before bringing its treadmill offering Down Under at the start of 2023.

The cult workout is known for being surprisingly effective, with many declaring it “brutal” and “challenging”.

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