Sniper Elite, a new action shooter gets an official launch on Android

Sniper Elite is a new action shooter brought to you by SvenGames. The game, Sniper Elite has received an official launch for players on Android and can be accessed via Google Play.

Sniper Elite aims to provide an epic sniper experience with a realistic environment and gun physics

Sniper Elite as the name suggests aims to provide the players and fans of classic sniper titles with an epic experience filled with realistic physics and stealthy missions. The game does a great job of providing the players in the game with a very well-developed set of missions that can be accessed and players can progress through the uniquely developed levels by working on their aim and accuracy.

Sniper Elite official launch, Sniper Elite
Image via SvenGames

The game has different environments and different terrains with each mission and quest which forces the players to adopt different strategies and approaches to every other mission. This gives the gameplay depth and makes it more immersive and engaging for the players to enjoy. Players need to be mindful of their surroundings and outsmart their enemies to make sure they come out on top in the end.

Sniper Elite also focuses a lot on the gun physics where each gun is uniquely designed the statistics of each gun are kept realistic and even the bullet physics are realistic thus making the game even more challenging. The game all in all focuses on the gameplay very well and offers multiple game settings for the players to explore. From urban landscapes to remote hideouts, adapt to different settings and take on diverse missions.

Players can start polishing their sniping skills now

The game comes with a set of customizations as well where players can customize their load-outs as per their needs and the requirements of the mission. The customizations include not only guns but also apparel as players can make use of Ghille suits and hide in plain sight of the enemies to have an additional advantage during their missions.

Sniper Elite official launch, Sniper Elite
Image via SvenGames

The game, Sniper Elite is now available as an official release for players to download on Android. Interested players can access the game via Google Play. The iOS details haven’t been revealed yet currently, so stay tuned for updates.

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