Silent Hill: Ascension, an upcoming horror survival title opens pre-registrations ahead of release on Oct 31, 2023

Silent Hill: Ascension, the new Horror survival title in the popular Silent Hill franchise, developed by a collaboration of Genvid, Behaviour Interactive, Bad Robot Games, dj2 Entertainment, and KONAMI Digital Entertainment has started the pre-registrations on Android. The game is expected to be released worldwide on October 31, 2023 as per the developers.

Silent Hill: Ascension will aim to provide an immersive horror survival adventure experience

Silent Hill: Ascension will take the players on an immersive experience where players will encounter unique characters, unique stories, and of course the silent hill monsters, who are there out in the open waiting for their prey to consume. The game offers an immersive horror gameplay where players will uncover different mysteries and stories backed by their actions and narrated well through different storylines.

Silent Hill: Ascension pre-registrations, Silent Hill: Ascension
Image via Genvid Entertainment LLC

Each character in the game has a unique story that unfolds based on how the players play the game and what course of action they tend to take. The game offers an immersive storyline that plays out based on the actions and choices that the players make in the game. This gives the game a unique touch as no ending is canon and every course of action dictates the future and fate of not only the players but also of the other characters in the game.

The game brings with it the horror and excitement of the Silent Hill series coupled with the immersive storyline and interactive elements to give the players a surreal gaming experience backed with detailed storytelling and high-end graphics. Survive the onslaught of monsters and help the fellow characters in the game escape unharmed by dictating their fates.

The game as stated before is available for pre-registration on Android via Google Play, as of now no announcement has been made regarding the iOS version. Players can stay updated regarding the release on iOS by following the official website. The game will be launched worldwide on Oct 31, 2023.

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