Shuttle Smash Badminton League is a sports mobile game now available on Android and iOS

Shuttle Smash Badminton League is a sports mobile game developed by Mason Games, a small startup studio in Malaysia, now available on Android and iOS devices. While being part of a small community of mobile game developers in the country, they set out to make a mark of their own in the mobile game industry. While competing with giants of the industry, Mason Games believes that with the right game paired with the perfect game, they would be on equal footing with the mobile gaming leaders of the world. 

It’s no secret that when it comes to badminton, the SEA region has some of the best players in the world. Like football in many other countries, badminton is a popular sport for countries such as Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand and other larger Asian countries, such as India and South Korea. This one studio decided to bring the sport off the court and into mobile phones around the world.

Shuttle Smash Badminton League brings a conventional badminton match simulated into a mobile game experience

Shuttle Smash is the very first sports mobile game from the studio. It showcases a conventional badminton match that is condensed into a mobile game experience, featuring full 3D characters. From the rules of the court to the various types of shots you can use when you play badminton, Shuttle Smash has them all.

Shuttle Smash Badminton League available
Image via Mason Games

One unique feature that the mobile game boasts is the country leaderboard system. Players from a specific country can play the tournament or casual game modes and contribute points to their selected country. This leaderboard will be available globally and players can start engaging in a friendly competition off the badminton court!

Shuttle Smash features two main game modes: casual and tournament. The casual mode consists of three different difficulties: easy, normal and hard. Players can also participate in the tournament, where they’ll be playing against several different players from random countries. Once winning the tournament players will be awarded with coins that can be used to unlock items from the game shop.

Shuttle Smash Badminton League is currently available in Google Play Store and the Apple App Store. If you’re a fan of badminton, or just want to experience an adrenaline rush through your mobile phone, follow the link and try out Shuttle Smash!

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