Shopping sale: Aldi sells 75 inch Bauhn TV for $849

A retail giant is making it easier than ever for Aussies to get the home cinema experience, offering up a massive 75 inch TV for just $849 as part of its regular “special buys” program.

German retailer Aldi’s big sale on Bauhn TVs kicks off on March 30, with the 4k Ultra HD smart TV marked down $50 from its $899 sale price last year.

The TV boasts built-in speakers and USB media playback.

One shopper expressed concern the price would be too much for her husband to resist.

“Oh no, last time this happened, my husband went there for milk and came back with an 84 inch TV. Still works great,” she said.

But some shoppers expressed concern about the low price tag and what it might mean for the durability of the product.

“Spend a bit more and buy a reputable brand that will last,” one said.

“You buy cheap, you buy twice.”

Another said electrical appliances were like “power tools”.

“When they stop working or have a major issue, just throw them out and get a new one.

“You’re better off spending a few extra (dollars) and getting brand name equipment.”

Aldi is also selling smaller 40 inch TVs for $299, with the sale beginning this Saturday.

The retailer is also trying to entice customers with other tech and entertainment sales, including a JBL 5.0 Multibeam Soundbar for $299 and a Philips Compact Party Speaker for $79.

Aldi is a growing brand in Australia’s retail space.

Last year, the discount upstart was crowned Supermarket of the Year, beating out behemoths Coles and Woolworths, according to a survey from Research firm Roy Morgan.

Aldi’s Supermarket of the Year victory is the multinational’s sixth in the category and third year in a row after previous wins in 2012, 2014, 2016, 2020 and 2021.

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