Shoe Theory: The relationship-ending act that has women worried

Buying your boyfriend a pair of shoes to cover up his trotters for Christmas could be the catalyst for him walking out on you.

This theory, of course, is entirely unverified and an old wives’ tale that has been around for decades. But it has now become a popular idea to discuss on TikTok.

The boyfriend “shoe theory” is racking up millions of views on the social media app. Creator Angela amassed two million views by breaking down the theory that she had heard on social media and from her own mother in 2022.

“If you gift someone a pair of shoes, they will eventually walk out on you,” she explained.

She said she believed you shouldn’t gift your partner a pair of shoes because it meant you were destined to break up.

Angela claimed that the superstition was born because, in Chinese, the word “shoe” sounds similar to the word “evil”, so can be seen as bad luck.

Angela then warned people not to buy anyone you want to keep in your life a pair of shoes during the holiday season.

She did, however, point out that if you want someone to walk out of your life …. well, some foot coverings could be the perfect option.

While Angela’s video went viral last year, the theory is often referenced in December and young women can’t stop talking about it.

One creator claimed she bought her ex brand new Yeezy kicks and, one week later, he cheated on her. Similarly, another creator revealed that her boyfriend broke up with her after she placed a shoe order, and by the time they arrived … he’d already ended things with her.

The real kicker?

She hadn’t even sprung for enclosed shoes – she’d purchased him a pair of thongs and their relationship was still cursed.

Another said she was sure the “shoe theory” was real because she bought her ex a pair of shoes last Christmas, and he broke up with her the following week.

To add insult to injury he then listed the shoes on second-hand fashion website Depop to resell – which is just savage.

One lady said she wasn’t buying her current boyfriend a shoes for Christmas because she’d bought shoes in her previous two relationships and they’d ended things with her shortly afterwards.

One said the theory made her feel like it suddenly made sense why her relationship failed.

“I gave my ex new shoes and a week later, single,” she stated.

Another woman said it worked in reverse and that after she’d received shoes from her ex-boyfriend, she’d called it off.

“Can confirm. My ex bought me Nikes, and I broke up with him a couple weeks later,” she wrote.

Meanwhile, a man said he was now a believer after buying his girlfriend of three years shoes and her breaking up with him.

“It’s real,” he wrote.

Not everyone was convinced – one creator amassed 200,000 views simply by sharing that she didn’t think the “shoe theory” held up if you’re already in a “stable and happy” relationship.

Another woman shared she was proof the theory was not real because she bought her partner two pairs of shoes for Christmas when they first got together and, four years later, they live together and have a son.

Still, the theory has gone so viral that women are now left spiralling because they bought their boyfriends shoes for Christmas and are convinced it could be the kiss of death.

“I bought my boyfriend shoes for Christmas before knowing about the shoe theory,” one complained.

While some people told her it was fine to give him the shoes, another quickly jumped in and warned her: “Simply don’t give them to him, and he won’t leave,” they suggested.

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