‘She’s gonna pop out’: Bride’s jaw-dropping wedding gown shocks

A bride has left people stunned after showing off her incredibly low-cut wedding dress.

The woman opted for an eye-catching gown with a plunging neckline, complete with a huge train and bedazzled veil on her big day.

But while the blushing bride absolutely shined in her bling-tactic gown, which features an embellished corset waist and off the shoulder detailing, social media users were quick to raise eyebrows over its revealing bustline, The Sun reports.

“Feel like royalty as you glide down the aisle in our exquisite Thessia Bridal Dress,” Blini Fashion House wrote alongside the images.

However, the showstopping dress – which starts at $8000 – failed to impress onlookers, with many sharing concern that the woman might “pop out” of the dress any second.

“She can’t move without full exposure of her breasts,” one person wrote in the comments section.

“Hope that dress is glued on,” another remarked.

“She looks like she’s going to breastfeed a baby,” someone else added.

While one insisted: “She can’t dance – it’s gonna pop out!”

“Looks like she’s about to have a wardrobe malfunction and pop out,” one mused.

“OK at the risk of sounding like an old prude … that’s a whole lot of t**ty for a wedding!” someone else wrote.

“WTF is this?” another raged.

While others insisted that the dress would have been beautiful if it wasn’t so low-cut.

“They ruined a beautiful classy dress by making it trashy,” one claimed.

“It’s pretty … it doesn’t look right,” another mused.

“The cleavage ruins the beauty of the dress,” someone else said.

“There is no need to show this much skin on your wedding day!”

“Close up the cleavage … geeeesh. Amazing dress though,” another added.

As someone else wrote: “Beautiful but very low-cut, the bust is almost entirely exposed and that looks ugly.”

“It’s a beautiful dress but she looks like she can’t move,” another said.

“Why is it so low?”

It appears the risque design is intentional, with the dress being described on the brand’s website as having “an open chest detail”.

“The off-shoulder design, complemented by slender straps, accentuates the neckline and frames the shoulders with effortless grace,” it reads.

“With an open chest detail that adds a hint of allure, this gown strikes the perfect balance between classic beauty and modern sensuality.”

Some were clearly fans of the racy bust line, declaring it “perfection”.

“She looks like an actual queen this dress is so stunning,” one said.

“Simply gorgeous,” another agreed.

This article originally appeared on The Sun and has been reproduced here with permission

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