Seven-word sentence that ‘proves’ your partner is cheating

A woman has divided social media with her claim that one sentence could prove your partner is cheating on you.

In a video on Instagram, influencer Mariah Fernando – who has amassed a following of more than 231,000 on the platform – said any man who uses the phrase “Go ahead and believe what you want” when confronted about being unfaithful probably has been.

“If you’re confronting your man for cheating and he says [that], I hate to break it to you ladies, but that man is guilty. He is guilty,” the 23-year-old American declared.

Reaction was split in the comments, however, as to whether the sentence implies a guilty conscience.

“So true. I remember hearing this. Never let a man turn you into [fictional detective] Sherlock [Holmes]. It’s not worth it,” one wrote.

“I agree because if he was innocent he would be aggressively defending himself,” another commented.

While a third wrote: “True, they don’t know what to say because they’ve been caught.”

Others were infuriated by Fernando’s blanket claim.

“It doesn’t mean he’s cheating. It could mean he isn’t going to argue pointlessly with an insecure, childish person,” one said.

“I do this but not because I’m guilty [but because] I don’t have the energy to argue,” a second wrote.

“Get proof before you ever accuse anyone of cheating! One remark [as] proof is the most moronic thing ever,” a third commented.

Another said it was simply a sign the man had been “accused [of cheating] so many times he doesn’t care anymore” … which probably isn’t a promising sign for one’s relationship, regardless of whether the infidelity has transpired or not.

“Not necessarily [true]. It could mean that no matter what evidence or explanation is given, the person won’t be believed,” one person said.

“It is what I would say and I’ve never been a cheater. I am innocent unless proven otherwise and at this point I would end it because I won’t be with someone who doesn’t trust me.”

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