Seven Knights 2 January 2024 update brings an expanded Celestial Tower, events, and more

Netmarble, a prominent creator and distributor of top-tier mobile games, has introduced the January 2024 update to the mobile RPG Seven Knights 2. Within this update, players have the opportunity to explore enhanced features and engage in time-limited events.

Seven Knights 2 unveils enhanced combat tactics and challenges in the January 2024 update

In the latest update, individuals are introduced to fresh methods of disabling adversaries within the Ranked Training Ground. Upon successfully rendering enemies immobile, various effects come into play such as reducing the Defense of the Company Commander and Training Bear, boosting allies’ Attack, and amplifying the Damage inflicted by allies.

Moreover, the Celestial Tower has undergone an expansion, now featuring enhanced difficulty levels added to the Normal tier, offering floors extending up to Level 100. Several new events are also available for players to enjoy until January 17, including:

  • Lucky & Happy! Happy New Year Check-in event: Players who check in on Seven Knights 2 for 10 days can earn a Happy New Year Chest, which can contain Lucky New Year Coins, Rubies, and more.
  • Celestial Tower & Daily Special Mission event: Based on the number of in-game missions cleared, players can acquire various upgrade items, Happy New Year Chests, Legendary+ Hero Summon Voucher Fragments, and more.
  • Lucky New Year Coin Crafting event: Players can use Lucky New Year Coins to craft various items including Legendary Pet Summon Voucher Fragments, Legendary+ Hero Summon Voucher Fragments, Mythic Soulstone Shards, Liberation Stones, and more.
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Seven Knights 2, the acclaimed follow-up to a game that garnered the affection of 60 million players worldwide, occurs two decades after its predecessor, unveiling stunning open-world mechanics. The narrative orbits around the exploits of the Daybreak Mercenaries as they set forth on a quest to locate “Rudy,” the final member of the legendary Seven Knights. Their adventure unfurls following a sequence of encounters with an enigmatic girl named Phiné.

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