Self-serve ramen restaurant opens in Cabramatta

A ramen restaurant has absolutely blown up on social media, with thousands of people passing through the Sydney restaurant’s doors since it opened two weeks ago.

James and Hahn opened Happy Ramen Express in Cabramatta, Sydney, on May 15 after the idea for a self-service ramen restaurant began to take shape in December 2023.

Essentially, people can choose from a collection of noodle brands before choosing their toppings to create their idea of ​​the perfect ramen.

“I tell people I came up with the idea, but Hahn was really the mastermind behind it all,” James told

“My daughter Bella-vie and her siblings came up with the store name and color theme. I’m just their servant building things and giving my two cents.”

James is a carpenter, while Hahn is a cook.

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“The self-service ramen concept is quite popular in Asia and something we felt the Australian market would enjoy,” James said.

“We started researching among the younger generation and families to understand the trend. While we started building the store in February, my mother, Hanh and our eldest daughter flew to Thailand to solidify the concept and how we could successfully introduce it to Australia.”

And, it’s safe to say, the concept has been a resounding success with TikTok flooded with videos of people checking out the unit.

TikTok user @cinsdaily was one of the customers, saying he’s been to Korea but never got his Korean ramen shop by the river experience.

“Holy, look at their selection. They have one of my favorite Jin Ramen and some I’ve never seen before like the clam ramen,” said Cin.

“I got a potato ramen and then you can head over to this fridge where you can pick your toppings. They also had this bar with Asian snacks and drinks, but I went for the ice cup.”

She said she found it fun to cook her ramen on the machines, which only takes three minutes to cook your dish.

Nessa said the shop’s design “made her feel like I was in Korea,” adding that the ramen selection even includes exclusive ramen flavors.

“There’s a fridge full of toppings like seafood, fish balls, cheese and rice cakes in separate bags,” said Nessa.

“I was so surprised to see Korean bagged drinks, ice cups and ice creams. They even have induction hobs, like in the convenience store.”

Fatimah Omran also visited the restaurant after revealing that her daughter likes Asian food and wanted to try it.

“I know it’s just ramen, but we felt like we were in Japan,” she said.

Manu’s social media users expressed their sympathy that he is not close to them.

“Why can’t this be in Brisbane,” one social media user commented.

Another said: “They need to open one in the Gold Coast.”

“Omg I need this in Melbourne,” added one.

James said he and Hanh were shocked that their family business had garnered so much attention.

“We are truly in shock and grateful for the support and interest it has generated,” he said.

“In a way, it’s helped with all the nights I’ve had an hour or two of sleep over the past three months to take off.”

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