Secret Macca’s menu hack for fries you need to know

Macca’s fries are already elite but one former employee said this particular hack will take them to a new level.

TikTok user @rubyguestt claims to be a former McDonald’s Australia employee. On the social media site she revealed her favourite menu hacks.

“Stop scrolling,” she said.

“If you have not done this with your fries, then you need to. Ask for Angus seasoning on your fries, it is literally the best thing.”

In the comment section, another social media user claimed that any of Macca’s burgers can me made into wraps.

However, Macca’s have warned that as these aren’t official menu offerings, it depends on what restaurant you go to.

“The Angus seasoning on fries and wrap substitute for burgers are not official options on our menu and it will vary restaurant to restaurant on whether our teams are able to fulfil this,” a spokesperson said.

“Customers would need to request it via the front counter or drive thru and chat to our friendly crew on shift to see if it’s possible.”

But Macca’s fans were already riled up and excited to get their hands on the item.

“As a Macca’s manager I can confirm it’s so so good,” one social media user said.

“Former Macca’s employee and I always do this,” another said.

One social media user commented: “I work at Macca’s and someone asked me for this today and I was so confused. Makes sense.”

“Omg how have I forgot we used to do this all the time,” one social media user said.

“I asked at my local Macca’s today and they said no,” another said.

Another social media user commented: “Macca’s fries are NOT amazing. I can’t remember the last time I got hot, fresh, salty fries. Always cold, soggy and tasteless.”

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