S8UL vs GodLike controversy becomes toxic with each day, two popular Indian organisations continue mud-throwing at each other

S8UL and GodLike, two of the biggest gaming organizations in India, are once again the hot topic of controversy Indian gaming community, after the announcement of the new GodLike roster. While it started with the fun of banter and trolls, the two reputed Esports organizations in India have been heavily involved in an online spat for the last few days which involved the management and owners, which has involved players and other team officials too. This has taken its course to abuses being hurled, and intense toxicity being spread among its members, which has greatly tarnished the name of the Indian gaming community.

It all started when Godlike owner Chetan ‘Kronten’ Changude announced the newly-tweaked Battlegrounds Mobile India roster of the organization. The events which have surfaced post that, have seen a big online feud between the two parties of S8UL and GodLike Esports. In this article, we are going to discuss the controversy between team GodLike and S8UL.

S8UL vs GodLike controversy: How things started

For the last one and a half months, the BGMI roster of GodLike has been performing inconsistently. They failed to qualify for the Round 4 of the Battlegrounds Mobile India Series, BGIS. After these performances, the management was creating hype about some big changes in the lineup. Even one of the players of the team, Suraj ‘Neyoo’ Majumdar had announced on his stream that he will not continue with the new roster. The fans were very excited about who would be the new player, who would replace the big boots of Neyoo at the same time.

On the 1st of October, 2023, Godlike owner Kronten announced that there would be no big changes in the team, only Rudra ‘Spower’ B will leave and ex-GodL player Vivek ‘Clutchgod’ Horo will rejoin the roster as a new assaulter. Reacting to that announcement, S8UL owner and co-founder Animesh ‘8bitThug’ Aggarwal posted a story mentioning the current BGMI lineup of team SouL. In the story, he welcomed all the existing members of the team once again, as if they had signed recently. The team manager of SouL, Siddhant ‘Sid’ Joshi posted a story with a sarcastic phrase. These stories were a direct banter response to the Godlike announcement.

S8UL Mortal gets dragged into the matter

Unknowingly, team Soul’s co-founder and owner Naman ‘MortaL’ Mathur reshared the story of 8bitThug on Instagram. This provoked the fans of those two organizations and they started trolling each other. He also announced that ‘MDJT Season 2‘, a video series of Mortal and S8UL will be coming soon with the same cast as the previous season.

Meanwhile, Kronten had seen the stories of Mortal and thought he was making fun of the announcement. Reacting to that, Kronten started trolling Mortal by telling him a “dead player“. He continuously trolled Mortal on-stream by mentioning his comparatively lower concurrent viewership on YouTube to one of GodLike’s streamers and esports athlete, Jonathan.

mortal, soul mortal
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After that, all the content creators of S8UL started criticising the words used by Kronten, on X, Instagram, and YouTube. Popular streamer Soul Regaltos stated on X that now they will speak and others will see. 8bitThug expressed his disappointment and wrote that this time the trolls crossed their lines and there will be consequences.

S8UL supporters and fan-pages started spreading hate and criticism on social media, about the actions of Kronten. Many members of other organizations supported S8UL in this matter. S8UL co-owner Lokesh ‘8bitGoldy’ Jain replied to Kronten, by making allegations of him, who is using the influence of black money, politics, and allegations of laundering money against him and his organization. Other creators also took to Instagram to express their support for Mortal.

S8UL vs GodLike controversy: The battle of exposing each other

On the 2nd of October, 2023, 8bitGoldy criticized Kronten on his livestream for trolling Mortal, who is a veteran of the Indian mobile Esports community. He also unfolded some secrets of Godlike and their players. He showed an Instagram story of Jonathan, where the latter was seen praising Mortal and calling him the inspiration.

(From L-R) Animesh Agarwal aka 8Bit Thug, Co-Founder & CEO, S8UL Esports, Lokesh Jain aka Goldy, Co-founder & COO, S8UL Esports & Naman 'Mortal' Mathur, Co-owner, S8UL Esports at S8UL Gaming Festival
Image via S8UL

Replying to it, Kronten said that S8UL oppresses its creators and tells them to follow or unfollow others on social media. He also mentioned that Regaltos, an ex-player of Soul and creator of S8UL once expressed his wish to join Godlike as an esports player and held a meeting. Sid also took on X to remind that S8UL helped the line-up of Godlike (TSM-Entity at that time) by providing them a boot camp during the PUBG Mobile World League, PMWL. Many fans on social media made allegations that during the ban period of PUBG Mobile, Jonathan called 8bitGoldy to join S8UL.

On the 3rd of October, 2023, Neyoo once again criticized the owners of S8UL for escalating the matter. He also said that it was S8UL who started all of this and censured 8bitGoldy for bringing Jonathan and the Godlike lineup into this matter, instead of sorting things out with Kronten. Later, Kronten also admitted that he made a mistake at that time and apologized to Mortal, although he did not reply to him. Later that night, both parties posted stories on Instagram stating that they would not continue the controversy.

Final aftermath

Currently, the controversy is over, but it is quite evident that the relationship between S8UL and GodLike is not in a good state. There is no chance of restoration at this moment. Even, 8bitGoldy said that they will not sort things out with GodLike management, after all these incidents.

But just after these events, Kronten was again seen posting an abusive story against a certain esports organization on 3rd October. People are assuming that this was against Global Esports and their owner Dr. Rushindra Sinha, who had expressed his support to S8UL in this regard. We will have to wait and see what happens next on this matter, but surely this toxicity and negativity will affect the gaming community of India.

What are your thoughts on the S8UL x GodLike controversy? How will this affect the Indian gaming community? Let us know in the comments below!

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