Rome along with Exclusive Units and a New mode

Warpath, a free-to-play competitive RTS available on iOS and Android devices, has received its eagerly anticipated version 9.0 update from Lilith Games where it is launching a brand-new Theater of Conquest: Rome.

Prominent developer Lilith Games is introducing a 26-day campaign featuring new Air Force units exclusive to Rome, new officers Everbloom (Infantry) and Rapier (Tank), and the new Operation Hegemon game mode. The campaign will be preceded by Warpath’s yearly Christmas event series.

Players will also battle over a new resource which can be used to level up the new Air Force Augmentation system in Warpath

The new Conquest-exclusive units (only playable on the Rome map) include the Lanneret, a special bomber that deals critical damage and slows the enemy’s speed; the Vortex fighter plane with a multi-beam laser emitter that can attack multiple targets at once; and the Whisperwind fighter plane, which can create jamming zones and absorb damage for its allies.

During the 26-day campaign phase of Theater of Conquest: Rome, players will be able to use the new units specifically designed for Rome to combat their enemies in novel ways. The Rome map combines ancient Mediterranean architecture with destructive technologies on a vast, open battlefield, where players will need to rely on Air Force units.

A new resource called Caelium will also be the focus of player battles: after the Theater of Conquest campaign ends, every 50 unused Caelium will be converted into a 1-minute Universal Rush bonus. Caelium can be used to level up the new Air Force Augmentation system to upgrade your standard Air Force units and unlock the full potential of the Conquest-exclusive Rome units.

Warpath 9.0 update
“Everbloom” Nguyen Thu Suong Infantry Officer (Image via Lilith Games)

The 9.0 update also includes new officers “Everbloom” Nguyen Thu Suong (Infantry Officer) and “Rapier” Ye Qiming (Tank Officer), bringing all-new bonuses to your infantry and vehicle units. The all-new Operation Hegemon game mode allows your Alliance Leader or Officers to appoint captains to lead teams of thirty Alliance Members.

Warpath 9.0 update
“Rapier” Ye Qiming Tank Officer (Image via Lilith Games)

Your teams will battle opponents in a one-hour, thirty vs. thirty brawl on the Operation Hegemon map that features additional buildings like airports, train stations, armories, and transit hubs, each with its own unique set of special features. The team that earns the most capture points by the end of the battle will be crowned the victor, and all winning team members will go home with tons of rewards.

The annual Christmas event series returns with festive events to help get Warpath players in the holiday spirit

Finally, to help Warpath players get into the holiday spirit, the annual Christmas event series is back with a host of festive events! From the Christmas Miracle, where you can collaborate with other Commanders on your server to light up a Christmas display window and earn server-wide rewards, to the Alliance Quiz, where you can test your knowledge both in-game and outside of it, there are plenty of events to enjoy! Every day, new rewards are up for grabs as you partake in the holiday cheer!

Are you excited about the Warpath 9.0 update and brand-new Theater of Conquest: Rome? Let us know in the comments below!

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