Rogue-like FPS soft-launched in selected regions

Zombie State: Rogue-like FPS, a zombie first-person shooter game, is soft-launched in selected regions on Android. The game, developed by MY.GAMES B.V. will center on surviving a zombie apocalypse by fighting and surviving unending battles against zombies.

Survive the apocalypse and unleash your inner warrior in Zombie State

This game combines first-person shooter and roguelike gameplay in a unique way. You can use the specific talents of various characters to tip the scales in your favor. With each battle, you gain strength and skill in combating the Zombies.

The extensive arsenal of weaponry and equipment accessible in Zombie State is one of the game’s attractions. Complete tasks to obtain strong weaponry and collect weapons lost during battles. Choose the best gear to help your hero become the ultimate survivor in the post-apocalyptic world.

Zombie State: Rogue-like FPS soft-launches
Image Via MY.GAMES B.V.

You will encounter zombies with various mutations as you continue through the game. Examine their behaviors, identify their weaknesses, and keep them from delivering the knockout blow. Equip yourself with knowledge in order to defeat the most terrifying monsters on this post-apocalyptic planet.

Zombie State: Rogue-like FPS has a wide range of places to explore, guaranteeing that no two levels are the same. Discover the secrets of a zombie-infested metropolis and face new difficulties with each level.

Zombie State: Rogue-like FPS is now available in selected regions

The game will be a free-to-play game on launch with in-app purchases. Currently, the game is available on Android, via the Google Play Store.

However, the game is currently only available in selected regions including Poland. We believe they will follow it up with a global release, so stay tuned for more Zombie State: Rogue-like FPS news updates.

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