Riftbusters is a new looter shooter title in Android open beta from Phantom Gamelabs, a Supercell-funded studio

Riftbusters is a new looter shooter title brought to you by Phantom Gamelabs. The game studio is backed by Supercell and aims to revolutionize the genre of games. The game, Riftbusters is now available as a limited open beta for Android users in the US, Finland, and Poland.

Riftbusters aims to provide dynamic co-op action gameplay fueled by a variety of characters and equipment

Riftbusters aims to deliver a unique looter shooter experience where you are tasked with the ultimate challenge: repelling hordes of alien invaders and securing Earth’s future. In the game you have to join forces with other players and take down the threat by any means, there are plenty of ways and a plethora of weapons and equipment to make your own unique way of dealing with the aliens.

The game rewards your achievements with unique and overpowered loot, with every enemy you slay the better loot you may receive. Riftbusters is all about the co-op and teaming up with similar players online to maximize coordination and fun. Team up, strategize, and unleash chaos together with your squad as you fight to conquer the alien onslaught.

You can make your character stand out in public too, with unique skins and customization items in the game. Tailor your playstyle with exciting guns, grenades, and gadgets. Not just by looks, you can customize your character based on the playing style too, with the availability of various load-outs in the game. Craft and fine-tune your perfect loadout to suit your individual playstyle and dominate the battlefield.

Players from select countries can now join the action in Riftbusters

The game, Riftbusters is now available as limited Open Beta in the US, Poland, and Finland. If you are interested and reside in the US, be sure to access the game via Google Play and follow the developers on their official discord to not skip any updates regarding the game.

Riftbusters Open Beta, Riftbusters
Image via Phantom Gamelabs

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