Reddit user shares photo of $62 grocery haul from Aldi, Preston Markets

An Australian who was down on their luck has been left shocked at how they were able to wrangle four kilograms of meat, vegetables and a variety of staples for just $60.

The shopper took to Reddit to share how far $62.59 cents took them at Victoria’s Preston Market and Aldi.

They posed the question; “How much do you think this would cost at Colesworth?”

Included in the grocery haul was a kilogram each of chicken drumettes, chicken wingettes, pork mince and beef mince.

There was also five kilograms of potatoes, two kilograms of onions, carrots, bananas, sweet potatoes, apples, cabbage, celery, frozen spinach, tuna, coconut milk, toilet paper, tinned tomatoes, tomato sauce, kewpie mayo, pasta, bread and spring onions.

The shopper explained they were down to their last $200 until next Friday after their savings were wiped out due to unexpected costs.

“I have good pantry staples (rice, legumes, condiments and spices) so this shop will go towards making bulk curry, okonomayaki, pork noodles and pasta dishes to last a while,” the Reddit user said.

“I hope everyone is doing okay. Cost of living is really hitting hard.”

They also added that times like this were exactly the reason why Preston Market needed to be saved, after the market’s future was left in doubt for six months before its lease was renewed until 2028.

Other social media users were incredibly impressed with the haul and agreed this was the reason food markets were so important.

“That’s a good haul for a pretty good price in these times, and some mighty healthy eating. Nice going,” one social media user said.

Another said: “This is why we cannot afford to lose markets like Preston market.”

“Been going to Queen Victoria market for a couple months now and finding sustainable alternatives to our everyday items (tissues, cleaning supplies etc) to avoid ever having to go back to Coles,” another social media user said.

“Easily saving $100-200 a week, eating a lot more fresh and whole foods and almost no unhealthy snacks. Something we should have done a lot earlier.”

Other social media users claimed to have put these items into carts at other supermarkets and came to a total of $99.31.

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