Radio Host Mitch Churi has lost 40 kgs

Aussie radio host Mitch Churi has lost 40 kilograms after changing just one simple thing.

Churi, 27, has started walking every day, affectionately calling them his “hot girl walks”, which seems to be spurred on by his recent break-up.

The Sydney-based radio host is a rising talent on KIIS FM, where he is currently pulling double duty.

He hosts a nightly radio show and also joins Bachelor alums Brittany Hockley and Laura Byrne on their afternoon show The Pickup.

In June Churi revealed he’d broken up with his long-term boyfriend of five years in a tearful moment on the afternoon show.

The radio host shared that the break-up was hard because he’d “pictured” their lives together and considered proposing.

He said that he’d never been through anything this “hard” in his entire life and it hurt because they’d mapped out their lives together.

“We have spoken about adopting kids, surrogacy,” he said.

Since that emotional moment, Churi has focused on walking more, and now his Instagram is crammed with his daily walks.

To his credit, the radio star doesn’t just post selfies of him looking gorgeous in some nice lighting and $300 activewear.

Instead, he’ll share photos of him sweating in the sun or talk about needing anti-chaffing cream.

It is less aspirational exercise and more relatable, and keeping up the daily effort has seen Churi drop more than 40kg.

He has become so well known for his daily walks, he is even selling merchandise to go along with his daily strolls.

In one iconic moment, Churi was filming walking content and accidentally captured a couple breaking up in the background.

“She was very mad at him! I hope they sort things out,” he said on Instagram.

Churi was even spotted running at Sydney’s City2Surf marathon, the annual 14km race from the NSW capital’s CBD to Bondi, via the eastern suburbs.

Every year thousands of people enlist, and the race takes over the city for the day and Churi was one of them.

“From developing extreme chafing on my first hot girl walk eight weeks ago to running my first City2Surf,” he wrote on Instagram.

The radio host also said that while he looked fabulous, he actually had Band-Aids on his nipples to prevent uncomfortable chafing while he did the run.

“2023 has been one big sweaty journey,” he joked.

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