Queensland Kmart store selling items for just 10 cents

Shoppers have taken to social media after discovering that Kmart has launched a massive post-Christmas clearance sale, with prices starting from as low as 10 cents.

One TikTok user, known as @claudiashops, encouraged fellow bargain hunters to get to their local store after discovering that hers was selling popular items for the price of a silver coin.

She explained that it wasn’t just “wrapping paper and baubles” but people could snap up dining sets, glassware, mugs and more for the wildly low price.

Claudia’s favourite item that she was able to nab from the sale range was a set of four Christmas dessert bowls.

The video, which she began with “runnn to Kmart!”, was filmed at the Southport store in Queensland.

Sales have been known to vary between stores, and Claudia encouraged shoppers to check out their local Kmart to see if the sale applied there.

“Things were flying off the shelves very fast and probably won’t be any stock … The Kmart store five minutes down the road (from me) did not have these sales so call ahead and double check,” she advised.

Social media users reacted to the now-viral video, sharing their own sale experiences.

“Why was my Kmart 50 cents,” one person complained, while another said a 10 cent sale would “never happen” in New Zealand.

Another said: “I drove 45 minutes to my nearest Kmart and NOTHING was 10 cents. That cube lamp was $15.”

One social media user said they were happy to score their items for just $1.

“We were at a store the other day when they suddenly dropped it all to 20 cents. We got four trolley loads, 100 items, all for $20,” one user commented on Claudia’s video.

One said: “The glasses are so cuuute!!! I wish I knew about this sooner!”

“OF COURSE THIS HAPPENS WHEN IM NOT IN THE COUNTRY,” another social media user complained.

Another user on TikTok commiserated: “Was so excited then I saw that it was Kmart Australia.”

A Kmart employee clarified in the comments: “As a Kmart worker I can say that each Kmart chooses the fixed price for Christmas lines depending on event margins. Hence why different Kmart locations will have different prices.”

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