Problem with radio host Jackie O Henderson’s Sydney balcony

Jackie O Henderson is facing a big problem: she can barely set a pinky toe out onto her balcony without being photographed.

Henderson, 48, bought her dream home for a whopping $13 million in 2023, and it is located in Sydney’s affluent beachside suburb, Clovelly.

The property has sweeping beach views and the balcony is situated in a prime location to enjoy them.

It is a spot that the radio host wants to take advantage of, but she can’t do so without facing some very public consequences.

The main issue is that the home isn’t tucked away in some secluded celebrity location; nope, it’s in a spot that paparazzi can easily photograph.

As her radio co-host Kyle Sandilands pointed out, private photos of Henderson on her balcony have become a pop culture phenomenon in Australia.

“Everyone’s onto the balcony thing!” he quipped.

Henderson has gone viral twice for two separate balcony moments, once because she was spotted exercising out there.

Henderson was seen in activewear holding a weight with the look of confusion a man usually has when he is asked to carry his girlfriend’s purse.

At one point, she cradled the weight under her chin and closed her eyes, which is incredibly relatable. Who hasn’t closed their eyes when working out and wished they were elsewhere?

And once, in August 2023, she was spotted entertaining Jake Tyreman, a 29-year-old who is both a tradie and a model.

The hot pair were seen having a glass of wine on the balcony, and Henderson had to pop onto her own radio show to deny claims they were a couple.

“No, Jack is not my boyfriend. We’re not in a relationship. He is not my boy toy,” Henderson told co-host Sandilands.

The date was so public she may as well have hung out with Tyreman at Sydney’s favourite restaurant, Totti’s, or taken him to the Logies as her date.

It’s becoming quite an annoying problem for the Aussie star, who told that it has stopped her from enjoying time on her balcony as much.

“It is so annoying because I love spending time on that balcony, and I have male friends that I’m not seeing, but I can’t bring them out there to hang out with them because it’ll look like it’s another balcony boy,” she admitted.

Sandilands, who coined the term “balcony boy”, said it’s become such a thing that when Henderson does bring a guest out onto the balcony, it’s like a royal family presenting her guest to the world … he isn’t wrong either.

If there’s a man on Henderson’s balcony, the Australian public wants to know about it and we’d like to jump to the conclusion immediately they are dating and perhaps on the verge of marriage.

If Michael Clarke was spotted on Henderson’s balcony, we’d all have to take a public holiday to calm down over it.

Henderson’s balcony has turned into The Logies red carpet; whatever is happening there is going to go viral.

This is entertaining for us but not so great for Henderson, who declared that she’s not bringing anyone onto the balcony anymore because she knows what people will assume.

“No, there’s no one going on that balcony anymore. This is the problem, I dropped my guard. I’ve got to avoid the balcony with any men,” she said.

So, if she’s banned the men from the balcony, does that mean if one does appear on there in the future, it’s a sign she’s dating him?

“No!” Henderson said.

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