Popular $13 dessert item lands at Costco Australia

A popular American item has landed for a limited time at the biggest bulk-buy supermarket in the country.

The Alli & Rose Crispy Croissant Bites have been spotted at Moorabbin Costco in Melbourne.

Food vlogger Emily, who goes by @snackreviews_aus online, took to social media to share an update on new items at the supermarket.

“First up are these bite-sized Crispy Croissant Bites, which come in a caramel and sea salt flavour,” she said.

One social media user commiserated that their local Costco “never sell any of this”.

“Lady!!!! Stawwwwpppppp otherwise I’m meeting you there for a shopping spree,” another said about the revelation.

“Costco offers members a wide range of quality, brand name items at the best possible prices,” Chris Tingman, Costco Australia’s country manager, told news.com.au.

“This includes exciting, limited-time items, which create a fun treasure hunt atmosphere in our warehouses. The Alli & Rose Crispy Croissant Bites 260g are part of this category.

“This item has been available for a few weeks – it can currently be found in all Australian Costco warehouses and will launch in New Zealand this week. When you see it, make sure to grab a bag so you don’t miss out!”

Emily wasn’t the only social media user to spot the Alli & Rose Crispy Croissant Bites in store.

TikTok user @costcobffs also purchased the snack after saying they were “pretty much a sucker for anything croissant”.

“Even though I suspected these would be like a sweet crouton I still bought them,” she said.

“They’re more like these Vincenzi Eid Mubarak Assorted Puff pastry treats Costco sometimes sells.”

She said they were “just okay to her”. Adding they were “not very sweet”.

“I really didn’t taste much caramel. It was more just a sweet glaze — and virtually no sea salt.

“They’re light and crispy and I am sure others probably really enjoy them.”

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