Pokémon GO announces update to GO Snapshot with exciting new features

Niantic has rolled out a major upgrade to Pokémon GO’s GO Snapshot feature, giving Trainers the ability to include up to three Pokémon in a single photo. This Pokémon GO GO Snapshot update brings exciting new ways to capture dynamic group photos and elevate your Pokémon photography experience to new heights.

Discover new features in the GO Snapshot update

Niantic announced that the GO Snapshot upgrade is now live, allowing players to create perfect group photos with up to three Pokémon in any shot. These Pokémon can move throughout the frame, ensuring dynamic and engaging compositions. A new toy feature captures a Pokémon’s attention, adding even more excitement to your snapshots.

In addition to these improvements, the GO Snapshot upgrade introduces burst mode and a timer feature, providing players with more creative control over their photos. Burst mode captures a series of AR photos in rapid succession, while the timer applies a delay before snapping a picture. Whether you’re aiming for an action shot or the perfect pose, these enhancements offer flexibility and creativity.

How to access the new GO Snapshot features in Pokémon GO

Accessing the enhanced GO Snapshot is simple:

  1. Camera Item: Select the Camera item in your inventory.
  2. Pokédex or Menu Icons: Tap the Camera icons within the Pokédex or the main menu.

Key Features of the Pokémon GO GO Snapshot Update

  • Include Up to Three Pokémon: Pick any three Pokémon or choose from suggested group sets for inspiration.
  • Dynamic Pokémon Movement: Position Pokémon on the ground, on objects, or in the air to capture the perfect photo.
  • New Toy Feature: Use a toy to capture your Pokémon’s attention for more dynamic shots.
  • Burst Mode: Take a series of AR photos in rapid succession.
  • Timer: Apply a delay before taking the AR photo for well-timed snapshots.
GO Snapshot
Image via Niantic

After capturing your AR photos, you can review and decorate them with all sorts of embellishments. With these new enhancements, Pokémon GO GO Snapshot allows you to truly unleash your creativity and share your incredible Pokémon photography with the world.

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