Plus-size woman told to ‘cover up’ after being shamed for revealing outfit

An influencer who loves to wear crop tops, skimpy bikinis and skin-tight pants has revealed she’s regularly told to “cover up” because of the size of her body.

Amber Baldwyn, 24, describes herself as a “plus size content creator”, and has amassed a loyal following posting videos and photos championing body positivity.

In her clips, the American can be seen confidently rocking crop tops and gym tights as well as bikinis and figure-hugging outfits.

But the young woman has revealed she cops abuse from social media trolls over her natural figure, with many flooding her TikTok posts with cruel and nasty comments.

In a recent video, Amber can be seen dancing in a pair of pyjamas alongside a caption that read: “Why do you dress like that when you are that size? Cover up.”

Instead of telling people how she felt, Amber added a sound bite of Kim K saying, “because it is iconic and I love to do iconic things”.

Her video went viral, clocking up thousands of views and garnering a stream of supportive comments.

“You are gorgeous,” one said.

“You should be proud of who you are, and big women are beautiful,” another agreed.

As another declared: “You’re stunning.”

In another clip Amber addressed critics who questioned why she “wears a bikini at your size”, pointing out she didn’t ask for the unsolicited opinion.

“My body, my choice,” she wrote over a video of her in a pink string bra and leopard print bottoms.

Fans were quick to tell the social media star that she looked “amazing”, stressing her videos “helped” with their own body issues.

“I wanna have your confidence, I lost it after having a baby,” one shared.

“You’re so pretty,” another added.

While Amber helps others build their confidence, she has also admitted she sometimes struggles with her own, despite her positive outlook.

She recently documented her battle to find gym wear that makes her feel comfortable, opening up in a video that was viewed over 2 million times.

“This is my first time wearing leggings that aren’t black and I don’t know how I feel,” she wrote over a clip taken inside a gym changing room.

However she hasn’t let her struggles stop her from creating videos to inspire others.

In one clip she can be seen wearing a white crop top with sheer, see-through leggings while in another Amber is rocking a sexy nurse costume.

“All bodies jiggle, all bodies crease and roll. It’s OK to have scars, marks, and blemishes. Free yourself,” she captioned one post.

Judging from the response, it seems fans couldn’t agree more.

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