Perth woman reveals you can return dead plants to Bunnings with store’s ‘Perfect Plant Promise’

A woman has gone viral after sharing the “life-changing information” she discovered during a recent trip to Bunnings.

Georgia Magill was recently buying plants at the budget hardware store when the cashier putting her new green friends through the till instructed her to keep her receipt.

The Perth uni student said she was immediately confused by this, asking the Bunnings worker “why” – and her response shocked Georgia.

“She was like, ‘Oh because they come with a 12 month warranty’,” Georgia explained in a video.

“And then she goes: ‘It doesn’t really matter how they die we’ll just replace them for you within a 12 month period.’”

The hardware store has created the ‘Perfect Plant Promise’ in February 2020 which states all plants, except for seedlings, can be returned within 12 months of purchase if they die.

Bunnings won’t just replace the plant, it also offers money back, if you’d prefer to give up on your green thumb dreams.

And let’s be honest, it would be very tempting for the majority of us. According to Plant Life Balance 2020 trend report, Aussies manage to kill at least 72 million plants a year.

This is largely down to the fact more than 40 per cent of people aren’t watering their plant properly.

In light of this, Bunnings’ “promise” appears incredibly generous – a point Georgia, who was visibly shocked by the news — makes by stating a large number of plants had “died on me”.

“This is life-changing information,” she concluded.

While the policy has been around for several years, many Aussies hadn’t heard of it either, commenting in shock on the TikTok video which has been viewed almost 1.5 million times.

“What? I have literally had Bunnings plants die within weeks,” one wrote,

“I did know this… but I also refuse to let Bunnings know how many plants I’ve murdered,” another stated.

While one declared: “It’s such a good idea. I can’t believe I didn’t know it!!”

Other commenters who claimed to be Bunnings employees shared their own insights into the popular policy.

“Ex Bunnings worker here, keep the original pot so we know what plant it is, not everyone in store is a plant expert,” one remarked.

“(From a Bunnings worker) either take a photo of your receipt or ask for it to be sent via SMS as they fade! For any warranty item,” another suggested.

However, one urged Aussies not to take advantage of the offer: “We will return your plant with a receipt and ‘proof’ but please don’t abuse this system. Plants die.” has contacted Bunnings for additional information.

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