Origin Interview delves into details on open-world elements, combat system, and more

One among the three Netmarble that was showcased at the recently concluded G-STAR 2023 event was The Seven Deadly Sins: Origin, which will be based on the famous anime series by the same name. Curious to know about the upcoming open-world action RPG title, we at GamingonPhone got an interview with Do Hyung Koo, the Project Director of The Seven Deadly Sins: Origin with which we got insights on the open-world elements of the game, combat system, and more.

How does The Seven Deadly Sins: Origin translate to the prequel to the existing game?

The game is more like a sequel than a prequel that takes place in an alternate timeline between the events of The Seven Deadly Sins and Four Knights of the Apocalypse.

Are there any connections or crossovers between The Seven Deadly Sins: Origin and the original manga/anime series?

The Seven Deadly Sins: Origin is set in the time between The Seven Deadly Sins and Four Knights of the Apocalypse as a multiverse or “what if?” scenario centering around the Star Fragments. The story is centered around Tristan, the son of the main characters from the original title Meliodas and Elizabeth, and Tioreh, who appears here for the first time.

The Seven Deadly Sins Origin Story
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Tioreh, which is an original character for the game and developed in collaboration with Nakaba Suzuki, is the daughter of King and Diane. The game is based on the original story but because of its “what if?” or “multiverse” scenario, various heroes from the original anime appear.

What is the significance of collecting “Star Fragments” in the game, and how does it impact the player’s journey?

Players can collect Star Fragments from various locations of Britannia. By collecting Star Fragments, players can activate the Book of Stars, which can restore ancient ships and enjoy magical adventures.

How does the game balance the open-world exploration with structured questing and narrative elements?

At the beginning of the story, as Tritan contacts the Book of Stars, it explodes and Star Fragment falls into various locations in Britannia. Players will explore the continent to collect Star Fragment while enhancing the Book of Stars. In this process, players will contact various figures and NPCs and engage in various quests.

What is the progression system structured in The Seven Deadly Sins: Origin, and what motivates players to keep exploring and advancing?

The Seven Deadly Sins Origin Adventure
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Players can experience various sidequests while progressing with the original main stories. Players can collect various treasures and pets from different environments during their adventure through the open-world continent of Britannia.

What role do alliances or guilds play in the multiplayer aspects of the game?

The alliance content has yet to be developed. However, it will be content that enhances socialization and focuses on cooperative content more than competition.

As a large-scale ambitious project, how is the combat system designed to accommodate both mobile and console platforms?

The combat system might look like regular tag combat at a glance. However, the game is distinguished as an individual’s role is highlighted by allowing players to share stats with teammates. The skills of characters change depending on the type of weapon equipped. If characters’ skills and lethal moves are properly used, the effects of skills/lethal moves increase.

The Seven Deadly Sins Origin Combat
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We made a combined attack of the original series distinctly. For example, if Gilthunder’s lightning lethal moves and Howzer’s tornado lethal moves are used in a row, the player can attack enemies with a lightning tornado. If a player consecutively uses Tioreh’s fire lethal move and Howzer’s tornado lethal moves, he or she can attack the enemies with fire tornado.

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