Optical illusion reveals way you show your partner you love them

An optical illusion has a hidden meaning, allowing those who glimpse the artwork to discover the secret way they say “I love you” to those in their life.

The image, created by Oleg Shupliak, features an angry wolf running from a home into a moonlit forest.

However, what your eyes are drawn to first in the visual personality test can indicate the quiet ways in which you express feelings, according to Your Tango.

For instance, if the viewer is drawn to the trees first, it means they have been hurt before. People in this category express their feelings by opening up.

Those who saw the moon first are considered “a dreamer at heart”, and while those who see the moon seem grounded, their creativity is everything to them.

People who spot the moon first often share their love, without words, in the form of artistic expression.

Art lovers who are fixated on the wolf are deemed as passionate people, and so their secret way of saying “I love you” is through physical touch.

For those who see the house in the background, the secret love language you use is feeding people everything from baked goods to hearty home-cooked meals.

Finally, there is a face in the image created thanks to shrubbery, trees and the house. A second face is also created by the wolf’s body and the trees.

Due to the faces hidden nature, for those that spot one or both, many believe it indicates a high level of intuition about others.

For those who can spot the face, their love language involves spending quality time together.

Shupliak is a Ukrainian artist who is known for creating works of art that consist of optical illusions, hidden imagery and even personality tests.

The 56-year-old mainly works in the medium of paint when it comes to his artworks.

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