Only Fans content creator, Minki Minna, shared TikTok of man getting her name tattooed on him

A Gold Coast woman has filmed the unbelievable moment a man she had met twenty minutes prior got her name tattooed on his wrist.

Influencer Minki Minna explained in the now-viral video that she had promised the man a lifelong free subscription to her adult content sharing site if he dared to go under the needle.

The 22-year-old claims to have never met the man before in her life and said she only struck up a conversation with him just 20 minutes prior to him making the body-altering decision.

“OMG this guy I met 20 minutes ago is getting my name tattooed on his write if I give him a lifelong sub to my OF,” she wrote on the clip.

“I can’t believe this is actually happening, oh my god.”

She filmed the stranger going through the process of signing the consent forms and getting her name stencilled on his wrist, before it was permanently tattooed on his skin.

Minki said that while she had offered to pay, the man refused and forked out to get the ink herself.

She confirmed at the end of the clip that she had held up her end of the deal and sent the stranger a lifelong subscription to her adult content site.

People were shocked at the stranger’s bizarre act, while others commended him for taking a risk.

Others pointed out how he might explain the situation to future love interests.

“That’ll be a great one to explain to any future girlfriends …” one wrote.

“Now to buy a dog or cat and called it Minki” another suggested.
Others also found the fact that he was wearing a shirt that said he was a “goose” was ironic.

Earlier this year, an Australian influencer broke down in tears after she headed overseas to get her dream tattoo and it went horribly wrong.

Tia Kabir, 19, went on holiday to Bali to get a special inking she’d been “dreaming of”, but was horrified when the tattoo artist changed her design without her permission.

The Canberra-based influencer, who earns a living selling adult images on a popular subscription site, had asked to have the words “Angel Energy” scrawled on her right forearm.

But instead, she ended up with the words “energy angel” – a sight that left her distraught.

“I had a piece of paper that said ‘Angel Energy’ but it was a little too big on the arm after they put the stencil on,” she told

“So after they made it a tiny bit smaller, somehow it flipped around saying ‘Energy Angel’ but I didn’t notice.

“It was only after it was done that I checked it. It put me into shock.”

Ms Kabir was so upset by the finished inking, she took out her phone and filmed herself crying in the street, before revealing the tattoo mistake.

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