One of Nostradamus’ terrifying predictions came true hours into 2024

It was a literally groundbreaking prophecy.

As if Nostradamus’ foretellings weren’t eerily accurate enough, the iconic astrologer was apparently right on the money with yet another apocalyptic prophecy just hours into 2024.

Also known as the Prophet Of Doom, the 16th-century French philosopher is best known for his foreboding forecasts, which he chronicled in his 1555 text “Les Propheties”.

These 943 verses are somewhat too vague to be sure, but Nostradamus has been credited with predicting everything from the Rise Of Adolf Hitler to COVID-19 like a 450-year-old Century “Simpsons” cartoon.

This time, the Frenchman was credited with forecasting the powerful earthquake that rocked Japan on New Year’s Day.

Outlining his predictions for 2024, the oracle wrote, “The dry Earth will become more parched and there will be great floods.”

The psychic’s followers reckoned that he could’ve been referring to the 7.5 magnitude tremor that struck the nation’s Western coast around 4pm Monday, killing 48 people, toppling buildings and sparking 1m-high tsunamis.

According to reports, residents in coastal communities fled to higher ground as the waves battered the coast, sweeping houses and cars into the sea.

Currently, there are around 120 cases of people awaiting rescue, a government spokesman reported.

In response, officials dispatched a 3000-strong search and rescue squad comprised of army personnel, firefighters and police officers to the disaster site on the Noto peninsula in Ishikawa prefecture.

“The search and rescue of those impacted by the quake is a battle against time,” Prime Minister Fumio Kishida declared during an emergency meeting on Tuesday.

Nostradamus’ prediction was apparently not the only harbinger of a seismic calamity. Over the summer, divers in Taiwan encountered an injured giant oarfish, the “Doomsday fish” which is said to be a sign of impending earthquakes.

This seismic superstition is based on Japanese mythology, which states that plankton-eater — which lives between 200m and 1km below the ocean’s surface — will intentionally rise to the surface ahead of an incoming tremor.

In retrospect, many doomsday subscribers believed that this latest sighting was connected to the New Year’s quake.

“The legend is that if you see an oarfish (DOOMSDAY FISH), it is a warning sign from higher powers that disasters such as earthquakes are soon to occur,” wrote one X poster on New Year’s Day.

They referenced the 2011 Fukushima earthquake and tsunami, which saw dozens of these alleged seagoing seismometers wash ashore in the two years preceding the catastrophe.

However, experts claim that this tremor-anticipation theory has no basis in science.

Psychic adherents also say that Nostradamus’ “dry Earth” prediction could be referring to the ongoing climate crisis, which has spawned an uptick in droughts and fires worldwide.

Last year was officially the hottest year on record while experts predict 2024 could be another scorcher.

This article was originally published by the New York Post and reproduced with permission

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