Olivia Molly Rogers has caused an online stir by wearing a see-through dress to her friend’s wedding.

Aussie model Olivia Molly Rogers has caused a stir online by wearing a see-through dress to her friend’s wedding.

Olivia Molly, 32, who has over 300,000 Instagram followers, wore a gorgeous sheer brown dress for the occasion.

The stunning blonde looked chic and even pulled off those tiny sunglasses that Gen Zers are so fond of.

“A beautiful day celebrating two of the best humans,” she wrote on Instagram.

Olivia Molly posted a series of snaps from the wedding on Instagram including one of the bride and groom looking elated and a few of her hanging out with various friends at the black-tie event.

The comment section was filled with fans remarking on how gorgeous she looked in the floor-length number.

Someone said she looked “stunning”, and another remarked brown was her colour, but a few people thought going see-through for a wedding wasn’t the right choice.

“I love the colour and style of the dress, but I was quite shocked to see a naked dress worn to a wedding. I would have opted for a slip above the knee under the dress or worn it to a different event,” one remarked.

“Beautiful person and outfit but quite inappropriate for a wedding,” another wrote.

Someone else commented that wearing a see-through dress to a wedding was “pick me” behaviour — which is an internet term to describe a woman who will do anything for male attention.

Olivia Molly responded to the comment, “There is always someone who gets offended, who isn’t the bride or the groom,” she wrote.

The model added that the bride and groom are her close friends and had no issues with her see-through choice.

“Thanks for the feedback,” she also said.

The dress sparked such interest online that Keeping Up with Aussie Influencers, an Instagram account that, yes, no surprises here, posts information about Aussie influencers and offers updates on whatever they’re getting up to, posted a poll about the matter.

The account asked its 9000 followers if they loved Olivia Molly’s look or thought it was inappropriate for a wedding.

The consensus was that it it wasn’t appropriate, with 67 per cent voting to that effect.

Olivia Molly is no stranger to wedding controversy. In December 2022, she did the most iconic thing ever: she posted her wedding video on Instagram. The catch? She edited out her ex-husband from their big day.

The couple married in February but split in October and so Olivia Molly hadn’t had a chance to share the wedding video before things went sour. She decided instead of binning the video, to edit out her ex and share it online.

“Since my ex and I broke up, my lovely videographer did an edit of our wedding video that is just me, my friends and family. I am so grateful that I can remember the day in my own way,” she wrote at the time.

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