Olivia Molly Rogers divides with yellow wedding guest outfit

Olivia Molly Rogers has divided her social media followers with her choice of outfit at a wedding over the weekend.

The former Miss Universe Australia looked stunning in a lemon yellow gown with a plunging neckline and thigh split, while attending the nuptials of AFL star Dale Thomas and his partner Natasha Bongiorno.

But not everyone agreed the 31-year-old’s outfit was “appropriate” for the celebration.

“I thought you were the bride. You should have worn a different colour dress. So close to white,” one person commented under a series of photos Rogers shared from the day.

“But [there are] friends like you everywhere. Always single and always wanting to take away someone else’s moment.”

Another added: “Please don’t tell me you wore that to someone’s wedding.”

For the most part, however, commonsense prevailed – with dozens of Rogers’ followers coming to her defence.

“We love a lemon moment!” one wrote.

“This dress is a dream,” a second said.

“This dress was made for you!!”

“NOW THAT’S A REVENGE DRESS,” another declared.

Another person drew fitting comparisons between Rogers’ outfit and Kate Hudson’s iconic yellow Carolina Herrera gown in How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days, commenting: “It’s giving Kate Hudson.”

Rogers revealed in November that she’d split from her boyfriend of seven months, Morgan Waterhouse.

The Daily Mail reported at the time that Rogers shared the news with photographers during an appearance at the Melbourne Cup, when asked if the model would be joining her in The Birdcage.

“We’re not together anymore. Not many people know that,” she said.

Prior to dating Waterhouse, Rogers was married to Justin McKeone – who she split from in October 2022.

In an interview on Mamamia’s Fill My Cup podcast after the breakdown of her marriage, Rogers admitted she hadn’t “been that good at choosing partners”.

“It’s funny, I feel like I’ve always been quite good at choosing friends,” Rogers told host Allira Potter.

“I just haven’t been that good at choosing partners. We’re working on that.”

Rogers said she’d “definitely” been putting herself out there more since her separation.

“You can get so comfortable in certain situations – whether that is a relationship with a partner or with certain friends that you’ve had for years – but they might not actually be serving you,” she said.

“I think it is important to always re-evaluate your relationships and see if they are bringing what you need. And if they’re not, then end it. I think there’s no shame in getting out of something that isn’t serving you anymore.”

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