Number Juan Bus: Wife from YouTube couple claims ‘cheating’ was behind ‘disappearance’

A popular YouTube couple who mysteriously “disappeared” for a year vanished because their marriage fell apart.

Will Watson and Kristin Batykefer amassed a huge following after selling “95 per cent” of their belongings and hitting the road in a converted bus with their young daughter Roam and their pitbull Rush in 2019.

The pair, from Jacksonville Beach in Florida, became prominent figures in the “van life” community with their regular vlogs showing how they juggle living, working and travelling in the renovated Air Force bus.

But just two years later, the “@numberjuanbus” account mysteriously disappeared, leaving fans wondering what had happened to the family.

Now Kristin, 32, has emerged, claiming their nomadic adventure was turned upside when she discovered her husband of nine years had been “cheating” with one of their close travel buddies.

“When I first left him after finding out he had been cheating on me for an entire year, things were very emotional,” Kristin revealed in the newest episode of her podcast Let’s Grow Through It.

“There was a lot of anger, especially on my part with him, and also distrust. Because in my mind, at that moment, I thought ‘what kind of good father would risk ruining his family to sleep with someone else?’

“It was very personal.”

The video producer, 34, has yet to commented on the fresh infidelity claims, which come two months after Kristin detailed their marriage imploding on a fellow van friend’s YouTube account. has also contacted Will for comment.

Kristin told Kelsey, from YouTube channel Kels And Jay, that she and her now ex-husband had been travelling with another couple last year when he cheated on her.

“[We and the couple] were together for three months and two-and-a-half of the months, my ex-partner and the wife of that bus had an affair,” Kristin alleged in the jaw-dropping 17-minute interview.

“Then they had it for a year behind my back.

“After nine years of being together it was over.”

Kristin claimed there was a “nine-month period” where she believed her husband was playing away after spotting messages that roused her suspicions – but said she was hesitant to act on it right away.

“There was no actual solid evidence and when you have a child and you’re married and you don’t have solid evidence it’s really hard to be like, ‘I’m gonna leave’ because of this,” she said in the clip, titled: “The Untold Story of the Family Who Disappeared From YouTube.”

“Eventually you have to ask yourself, ‘if my child was in a relationship like this would I be happy for her? Would I support it would I want her to stay in a relationship like this?’

“And the answer at the end of was just absolutely not.”

The former couple’s divorce was finalised in February, with Kristin building a new following on TikTok where she shares the ups and downs of her “healing journey”.

She now lives in a “Mummune”, a recently coined term for single mothers who join forces under one roof to split the household bills and raise their children.

Kristin has also been ticking things off her “divorce bucketlist”, including foster an animal, trying out new health activities and taking up new hobbies.

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